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Nature Clean® Automatic Dishwasher Pacs
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Nature Clean
I absolutely love this product! My family and I are always looking for new products that are natural and safe. This dishwasher soap is awesome. our dishes are always sparkling clean and never smell.
good product
I love that this product is all natural. My dishes mostly came clean, the odd time a plate would have a small speck of food. Glasses came crystal clear and everything was free from residue. My only complaint is I wish it came with more packs.
Sparkly clean
I really love these Nature Clean dishwashing pacs! They are easy to toss into the dishwasher slot and dishes come out clean. I rarely have any residue left like others brands I have tried before. I also like that I don't have to use any rinse aid. They are a bit expensive, so I like to look for the larger buckets. Great brand and eco-friendly as well.
Does a great job without all the chemicals
I swear by this product and have for a number of years. I wouldn't trust much else!
Buy Canadian
Nature Clean does the job. As promised, there is no chlorine smell; in fact, there is no scent at all. The tabs leave no residue. I love the fact that this product is from a local company. My only suggestion for improvement is to switch to recyclable or compostable packaging.
Quality Product from a Trustworthy Brand
I've been using the Nature Clean produce wash for years, so when I saw the Dishwasher Pacs in store, I had to give them a try. The pack was reasonably priced for 24 pacs, and I found that they did a great job cleaning our dishes. As we live at a rural address, I like that these dishwasher packs are biodegradable and septic safe.
These clean my dishes really well. No spots. No stick on food.
A clean and green product that tackles my dishes! Have used in two different dishwashers and worked great in both! No need for liquid additives (like Jet Dry) with these - dishes come out sparkly!

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