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Nature`s Path Love Crunch
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Very Good!
I like this granola a lot! It is not too sweet but gives a great flavor. I liked the mix of the chocolate and strawberries. I would love bigger portions but I would still recommend this delicious product!
This is definitely a more indulgent granola than your average one. Love the chocolate chunks and strawberry bits. I only wish the bag was a bit larger as we go through it quickly in my house.
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Love this granola. Awesome on it's own or with dairy free milk. Wholesome and filling treat!
I’m a huge fan of “Nature’s Path.” This cereal is decadent with dark chocolate and red berries. It’s so yummy to eat as a snack on it’s own!
Fabulous granola
Nature`s Path Love Crunch contains dark chocolate, red berries, and peanuts. The product is so good on its own or with milk. I highly recommend it.
This granola tastes incredible. I would buy this again.
So good. Great for breakfast or as a healthy snack. Another great Nature`s Path product.
It looks yummy, but have not yet found it locally. Big granola fan, and has some great benefits.
would love to try this granola. love that its organic.
I love my granola and so does my family but we didnt seem to like this very much.
All I can say is OMG!!! This stuff is so good its addictive. You have to try it.
I LOVE this one! It`s so yummy, and i find I can`t overindulge. Just a little amount is perfect as there is just so much flavor to it!
I loved this - a decadent healther snack!!! This was great for keeping at my desk at work and snacking.
I have never seen this around my particular location but I`ll be keeping an eye out. I`m always on the lookout for something better to snack on.
This looks like it would be very yummy! I will be looking out for this!

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