4.4 5 0 129 129 Nature Valley Almond Butter Granola Cups pair the decadence of almond butter with the wholesome goodness of whole grain oats and nuts to create a new kind of indulgence. Crunchy. Creamy. Delicious.
Nature Valley™ Granola Cups Almond Butter
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Surprised by the size.....
Loved the taste of these. The crunch was great, but the overall size was a bit if a disappointment. I was expecting something a bit bigger. I would recommend these, BUT I didn't find them as filling as I thought they would.
J’étais curieuse d’essayer ce tout nouveau produit! Et je l’ai trouver trop sucré! J’ai donner le reste de la boîte à mes collègues au bureau.
They are very good! I would repurchase. They are a good substitute for cookies and easy to take on the go.
Super collation
Ces biscuits sont merveilleux! Un succulent mélange de choco et beurre de peanut! J’adore ce produit mais à consommer avec modération :)
So deliecious!
I really love these but they are more of a treat than a healthy product. I would only eat these now and then.
Tasty treat
I got these as part of a Sample source box. I liked them. Just sweet enough. A little crispy. Goes well in a lunch bag or purse.
Perfect snack for on the go.
Taste really good rich taste,would recommend to frends and family. Great for work or on the go. A bit less sugar would be perfect.
Heavenly treat!
Absolutely, hands down my favorite snack. Great for on the go, the kids and adults both enjoy it.
Delicious snack
These snack cups are full of yummy flavour and the perfect size for on the go.
Perfect amount of sweet and crunchy! I didn't like almond butter until I tried these Granola Cups! They are delicious!!!
I am not a big fan of cookies, but Nature Valley Granola Cups are surprisingly good. It is not something i would eat everyday tho because they contain too much sugar. I really hope Nature will create healthier version of these.
Delicious Treat
Got these for free from sample source to test. They are So good! These and the pb chocolate flavour are so good. They do have bit more sugar than I would prefer but they are a great treat and healthier than a chocolate bar.
Something new
If you are the type of person who likes to take the top off of their cream cookies, this is satisfying. The flavour is good, and you get a nice nutty hit. I would get these again .
So yummy
They were pretty good! They have a good rich taste to it
Protein Power
I am always looking for that extra little something with a portable snack. Naturally it needs to taste good and also be better for you. These taste like a really wholesome snack with the added advantage of protein from the almond butter. That little scoop of the almond butter really makes all the difference. An extra plus, my teenage boys actually approve of them too!

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