4.4 5 0 128 128 Nature Valley Almond Butter Granola Cups pair the decadence of almond butter with the wholesome goodness of whole grain oats and nuts to create a new kind of indulgence. Crunchy. Creamy. Delicious.
Nature Valley™ Granola Cups Almond Butter
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I liked this product quite a bit. The only drawback I had was that it tended to be a bit dry. As long as you had a drink, they were great.
Love love LOVE!!!
A perfect combination of sweet, salty, creamy & crunchy. I also like the type with peanut butter and chocolate. Devastating for my diet. Not so hard on the pocketbook. A wonderful snack with a nice cup of hot tea. Love it!
Delicious snack!
These granola cups are delicious and satiate my craving for a sweet snack. The balance of flavours is just right, with a perfect ratio of sweet and salty. I don't mind the crunchy texture, but I just wish they made a chewy or soft-baked version!
Interesting take on granola bars
The shape was that of a peanut butter cup or a tart/filled cookie. The taste was good. Will probably buy more.
Sooo good
These blew my mind. I couldn’t believe how amazing they tasted. They’re totally a guilt free treat! They have a nice creamy inside and perfect crisp outside. The flavour is also delicious. Definitely recommend
looks are deceiving
wanted to try these and was excited for something new, But I was very disappointed they are very crunchy and the taste just didn't meet my expectations. I was able to return them for a refund
Trop bon
J’ai reçu un échantillon de ce produit et je suis aller me le procurer c’est vraiment bon j’aime beaucoup le fond en Genre de biscuit Graham 👌🏼
Great snack
J'adore. Pas trop sucré mais le gout de beurre d'arachides y sort!!
Very tasty
These aren’t that healthy, but they taste amazing and are a good light snack!
Tres bon au gout, les ado on adorer le melange de beurre d arachide et chocolat es toujours gagnant a la maison
I really like these granola cups. I enjoy the smoothness and flavour of the almond butter and how it pairs well with the granola. Though you do get much less product than if you purchase a box of regular nature valley granola bars.
Granola cups
I found them to be a little too hard but otherwise very tasty.
Very tasty. Not too sweet and a great bite size snack for on the go.
Peanut butter goodness
We loved these in my house. It is a good combination of granola, peanut butter. It is a satisfying snack that curbs hunger and the sweet tooth.
Crunchy and sweet
I enjoyed them. I found them to be a little dry but still tasty.

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