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Nature Valley® Lunch Box Granola Bars
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En plus d'être bonne ,elle sont parfaite pour les enfant allergique au noix :D
Un vrai délice. je me retiens pour ne pas dévoré toute la boite d'une seule fois
I tried the Double Chocolate flavour and thought it was really tasty. They would be really handy to take on hikes. Kids would love these.
I bought a box of these and don't really care for the taste.
yummy! these are convenient for snack time at school and are peanut free !!!
None of us in the family liked this flavor, my kids will eat the chocolate chip but not the berry. It was a waste of money to try.
j aime beaucoup beaucoup c est barre tendre elle nutritif avec un gout délicieux le mixte des ingrédients et tout a fait superbe
Love that there is a nut free variety of Nature Valley granola bars. I love granola bars but am always nervous to take them to work, as I teach little ones. I love that I can take these to work and not have to worry about my students' allergies.
I have been buying these since last summer and my daughter loves them for her lunches and my toddler and I like them also. Their a good snack. Also the chocolate ones are good but it's nice they have these in berry, seems a little healthier for kids.
These have loads of flavor. A little larger would be nice as I usually end up eating 2.
My kids love both the Mixed Berry and Chocolate Chip flavored granola bars! Perfect to throw in the kids lunches, or for a quick snack. Very good!
These make for good snacks to hold you over in between meals or if you're on the run. They're small, low in calories and have a bit of fibre. Not great for you, but by no means bad.
I Love sending healthy snack to school with my kids and they taste great..
J'adore ces barres tendres! Elles sont nutitives, santés et bonne au goût! Je recommende fortement ce produit.
Excellent comme petite collation et c'est délicieux.

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