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Nature Valley® Lunch Box Granola Bars
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My daughter loves these bars!!! She makes sure that I have put one in her lunch bag every day!!!! It's the first thing she puts on our weekly shopping list!
My family loves Nature Valley granola bars and these are another hit at my house. I feel better about them taking these satisfying granola bars in their lunches than I do a pile of cookies or a brownie. It seems everywhere I look I encounter sugar so it's nice to see the "no sugar" listing on the box!!
We like these but they are not too filling for adults.
Les enfants adorent ces barres! De plus, c'est un excellent dépanneur pour les boîtes à lunch.
These are basic, yet tasty, granola bars. My family likes them, but they would probably be best for younger kids, as they wouldn't be filling enough for older ones.
These are very good, they have a great berry flavour and a nice texture to them. I find them great for lunch boxes and as a quick snack.
Very good! My kids eat so much i have to store some away for me!
Very good! My kids eat so much i have to store some away for me!
I've been buying these for my kids for school and they really like them. I find them a little too sweet.
Mes enfants et moi n'avons pas aimé ce produit de Val nature. Pourtant les autres ont adore
It's crunchy, and all ingredients are good for you. I love this product all thumbs up.
J'adore ce produit très bon, plein de bonnes choses pour la santé . Je le recommande
I love nature valley products would love to try these.
I haven't tried these yet but, I would love them I like granola bars and with the added berries would make it so much more yummy
Tried a few flavours ,but not Berry ,but sure there tasty.

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