4.5 5 0 187 187 Nature Valley Oats 'n Honey Protein Granola is packed with clusters of whole grain oats and a sweet touch of honey.
Nature Valley™ Protein Oats n' Honey Granola Cereal
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My favorite breakfast food
Pair this with your favourite yogurt and berries and you have the perfect yogurt parfait!!! The granola is crispy with a sweet honey flavour. Doesn't get soggy when left in your yogurt while eating. Love the extra protein this product offers. Keeps me filled until lunch.
Not my fave
I grabbed this product on one of my grocery hauls. I wanted to add something filling and healthy to my vanilla yogurt. It gave me a Big Crunch taste but it wasn't tasty at all. Needless to say, the rest of the bag ended up in the trash (Sadly). Wouldn't buy or recommend!
Like it alot
I really liked this in yougurt, it's got a great taste and the packaging is nice and compact.
So yummy!
I like how many options you get. Eat them with milk, in yogurt, with ice cream, mixed with applesauce. The possibilities are endless. It has a sweet but subtle taste.
I like Nature Valley products, I just wish they would make them nut free, no almonds, no other nuts. I always have to pick the almonds out, and toss them into the recycling bin. This would be a perfect snack if nut free.
Love to add this and some fruit to my yogurt in the morning to make a quick breakfast
I love to sprinkle this one my greek yogurt and fruit. I suddenly wish to add it to peanut butter balls for a protein boost. I think that would be delicious. Love this stuff.
my favorite granola, love it with yogurt and fruit for breakfast or snack.
This is so good ... I used it with my other cereal and yogurt
This is very yummy. I enjoy it with milk or even on it's own by the handful haha. Will be buying this again
This is really yummy granola - it is satisfying as breakfast or for a snack. You can dress it up with yogurt, fresh fruit or however you like. I would buy this again!
I love this product in my yogurt or just with milk. it is yummy and filling.
Love this product; I usually mix it in with my regular cereal and it enhances the taste and I know I'm getting good food value from it.
Loved this cereal! I put it on ice cream, yogurt, cereal, and crunched it up and dipped my chicken and baked it yum♡
Great way to start the day, and a wonderful addition to yogurt at snack time.

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