4.5 5 0 143 143 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Toasted Coconut Granola Bars offer a perfect balance of sweet granola and savoury nuts, with a hint of delicious coconut
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My husband's favourite bar
I buy a box of these each week with groceries, it is my husband's go-to treat in his lunch box
perfect snack
I love the sweet-salty combination. it is the perfect snack when you don't know exactly what your craving!! it's very satisfying and the perfect size! I always carry a few around in my lunch, my purse and everywhere I go!
I'm addicted
I really enjoy the sweet and salty collection and although I have bought them to go with my lunches I find it there now a delicious evening snack as well.
Sweet & Salty
These are very good bars and I have bought them for many years. The sweet/salty taste along with the variety of flavours is the best.
I love most things coconut, and this is one of my favourites now!
Salty and sweet
Although this is a little higher in carbs than I like , it is very flavourful. There was not an artificial taste and the nuts were fresh and crisp
Love them
I have now found a snack bar that has some healthy ingredients that my children and I all love.
Delicious snack
A delicious snack for on the go. The coconut is a very nice touch. I enjoy the flavour from the sweet and salty taste.
weird coconut taste
usually love coconut products. this product offers a weird coconut taste. not a big of a fan. will not recommend.
I have tried this product a couple times. I love the taste mixture and flavor.
good but..
good taste but didnt realize tgeres almond in it and im allergic so unfortunately cant eat them
Sweet and salty yum
Love chewy granola bars not the hard ones. Sweet and salty works wonders on your taste buds and then to add some coconut.....YUMMY!!
Équilibre parfait du sucré salé ......très bonne barre collation
Not your average granola bar! Love this flavour over all the others!
So good! My go to granola bar right now. As a Mom I usually eat breakfast on the go, and these are my favourite, great flavour...so good I hide them from the kids to keep for myself! Ha!

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