4.5 5 0 157 157 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Toasted Coconut Granola Bars offer a perfect balance of sweet granola and savoury nuts, with a hint of delicious coconut
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Toasted Coconut Chewy Nut Granola Bars
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My go to snack, breakfast. Good price, good taste! Love all the flavours.
I love these snacks. The sweet and salty taste is great. We always take them with us when we travel by Air. Some trips are like 20 hours long.. Great product.
Another hit!! The coconut taste is not over-powering. Everyone in my house loved these.
This is classic Nature Valley, it has exactly the right balance of sweet vs salty. It is the perfect size for a quick snack, and it is very satisfying as well!
A long time player in the game, brand is good competitive and is in every food store in Canada. Lots of wide variety of options to taste from, this one is just another sample of example. Enjoy
Best of both the salty and sweet worlds. Great taste and value.
Very tasty , even if a bit on the sweet side. It has great flavour, and its small enough to be portable.
I find these give the right amount of extra fiber I need in a day. The sweet salty taste is really good. Price is good as well
Just like the sweet and salty peanut flavoured bar, I also love this blended coconut and sweet and salty taste. A great mid afternoon snack.
i love nature valley and coconut but the coconut flavoured bars were not a hit. they were also a bit too sweet for my taste.
This product fills me up. I also get enough salt without wanting water afterwards. It is a bit on the sweet side. I enjoy their brands, but this one is a bit more money.
I love Sweet & Salty. The first time I tried these I was in food heaven. Got my BFF hooked too.
Tastes great and fufills the « sweet » side most of us look for in unhealthy night snacks. Delicious!
Got these with a coupon. Honestly they weren't too bad. But, I'm sorry, our favorite is still the Peanut Butter Sweet and Salty. OMG those are great.
I love nature valley bars but the coconut didnt live up to my expectations. i love coconut flavoured everything but this one tasted artificial and unpleasent.

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