4.5 5 0 146 146 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Toasted Coconut Granola Bars offer a perfect balance of sweet granola and savoury nuts, with a hint of delicious coconut
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I love Sweet & Salty. The first time I tried these I was in food heaven. Got my BFF hooked too.
Tastes great and fufills the « sweet » side most of us look for in unhealthy night snacks. Delicious!
Got these with a coupon. Honestly they weren't too bad. But, I'm sorry, our favorite is still the Peanut Butter Sweet and Salty. OMG those are great.
I love nature valley bars but the coconut didnt live up to my expectations. i love coconut flavoured everything but this one tasted artificial and unpleasent.
These are sooo yummy. Downside is that they are very high in calories. I bought 2 boxes because I had a BOGO coupon, so I gave the other box to my nephew- a little jock who has a hard time getting enough calories into him. Filling without making you feel overstuffed. Great for active people. And very good in the fibre content.
These granola bars are the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. The coconut flavour is prominent but not overpowering and it's a great mid afternoon snack or hunger pick-me-up.
These are so good! I love coconut and these have the perfect amount of coconut flavor.
Love this new bar!! Just the right amount of coconut flavour.
Amazing taste !! the mixture of coconut with sweet and salty does a perfect fit for my tongue.
All of the sweet and salty bars are great, and this us no exception.
This is my favorite granola bar now. I love coconut and eat this usually in the mornings. I would highly recommend trying this.
I love the flavor of coconut in this Nature Valley granola bar! I will keep buying this again!
Love these bars. Good snack to fill you up until dinner
It's great my son and I both love them so they don't lost long.
I love these snack bars, the nuts and coconut are so good. I can't get enough of them. I buy these all the time now.

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