4.5 5 0 136 136 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Toasted Coconut Granola Bars offer a perfect balance of sweet granola and savoury nuts, with a hint of delicious coconut
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Toasted Coconut Chewy Nut Granola Bars
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I love this product. I buy a box and keep it in my desk drawer at work for an afternoon snack.
I have tried these and they are really good. Great flavour, and hearty ingredients that make them a great snack if you're a bit hungry.
excellent product, tasty, love the sweet and salty flavors
This product has a lovely coconut taste. For someone who loves coconut this is a must have product. I loved it
Has a fantastic taste. You can taste the coconut in every bite. My family and I love these and I've bought many boxes since discovering them.
I decided to give this flavor a try, since I like coconut, and was quite surprised on how good it was and would definitely recommend.
they help you when your hungry to fill you up till it is time for a meal.
These are fantastic! If you're looking for a quick snack or just need a little something for that sweet tooth these are definitely a great choice
great product, taste awesome. I keep them in the purse for a quick snack for the kids between practices
This is one of the product I eat all the time on the go and in break time too. I love it, like the texture and taste.
I love coconut, however, I didn't find that this had much coconut flavour. I much prefer the Almond or Peanut sweet and Salty bar. It is still tasty and I would eat it, just not my first choice.
Very sweet without tasting too sugary, and more 'salted' than salty. Easy to eat a lot of them, and they are satisfying without being overly filling.
This is really good,nice flavour and such nutty goodness :)
This granola bar is soft, and has just the right amount of sweet. I really like coconut and was surprised at how much coconut flavour this bar had,
My husband and I love all of valley nature bars and we're very happy when these coconut ones came out. Delicious.

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