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Nature's Bounty Melatonin Gummies
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M'aide a dormir
Ce produit fait merveille le soir je dors comme un bébé!
These work!
These are a game changer if you are struggling to get a good nights sleep. The gummies are an added bonus, almost a little dessert before bed. They offer a great, deep sleep for 6-7 hours and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day.
Great Product
I’ve dealt with the struggles of insomnia for the last couple years, which led to a horrible sleep routine. I’m in the midst of getting back on track, I started usually these melatonin gummies to help me get to sleep at a decent time. Which helped tremendously.
Gets me to sleep but doesn't keep me asleep
Taking this, I find puts me to sleep, but doesn't keep me asleep. If I'm not totally tired, it won't keep me asleep longer than 5ish hours so I use it when I have problems falling asleep. Tastes good so they're easy to take.
Perfect for kids
We have been giving our eldest this for over a year off and on. It helps get him to sleep. He sleeps more soundly when he has it as well which helps with his ADHD.
I tried this for my 13 years old son who requires a sleeping aid coz of other medications. It worked like magic and it tastes really good.
These gummies are helpful in creating a healthy sleep pattern. I also love that unlike sleeping pills they do not give you that groggy drowsiness the next day.
I use melatonin gummies daily as do my children. I find that they help my children to calm down enough to fall asleep these are a red small gummy candy that is strawberry in flavor. It is very appealing to young children as it resembles and tastes like a piece of candy. The flavor is not over powering and i find my children enjoy taking it my youngest calls it her night night candy.
I actually really enjoyed these for their aid in relaxing me before bed. I found I had to take them closer to an hour before bed time but they helped. I had sleeping pills but have a terrible sleep cycle. These helped me ease into a restful state. I'd buy them again.
These are 10/10 they knock me out and are a great alternative to harmful aggressive sleeping pills
Works great. I fall asleep really fast. I take one at bed time to stay sleeping all through the night. I recommend this product!
Produit vraiment génial, et a bon goût ! Je le recommande car de plus il favorise un sommeil récupérateur.
I absolutely love these. My daughter has ADHD and she has a hard time sleeping. We have tried many Melatonin products but this is the best one. She enjoys the taste, it isn't an argument to get her to take them. Plus they work. 20 minutes after she has taken 2 she is ready for night night! If I'm having a rough time getting to sleep I will take one. It takes tops 20 minutes and I am getting sleepy. Best natural remedy ever. This is something you use in your brain already. Some people need more of it to help them sleep! If you have ADHD I totally recommend this product. It has been helping my daughter for 3 years now and I would never try anything else!!!
I LOVE this Melatonin Gummies. They work very well for someone like myself who has problems sleeping at night. When Im restless or can't quite fall asleep I take one of these and within 20 minutes I am able too fall asleep an stay asleep. I love the flavour as they taste sweet but too too sweet. The price is great as well for under 10$ you can get 2 months worth. I will be buying again!!
Nice taste, no hang over feeling like you would get from a sleeping pill and easy on the tummy.

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