4.3 5 0 165 165 Crunchy cinnamon cereal with corn, quinoa, flax, buckwheat, and amaranth.
Nature's Path Sunrise Crunchy Cinamon
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This tastes incredible. I would highly recommend this product.
These are my favorite, just a bit expensive for me to buy all the time. I have had the box with all the flavors because I would get bored of just one flavor. I love them all, they're all delicious, the one with almond is my favorite though.
I have bought several natues path cereal products for my husband he has Crphn's and Gluten sensitivity and he really enjoys the great light taste of the cinnamon and the sunrise is good as well
Love this cereal (as well as the other flavors offered). I don't need to eat gluten free, but I choose to, as it seems to be easier on my gut (I have Ulcerative Colitis). Crunchy and sweet, but not too high in sugar. I eat it with unsweetened cashew or almond milk, so that no additional sugar is added. Eat it every morning. Keeps me full till lunch!
good flavour and great crunch, i thought i would not like this , but i was pleasantly surprissed. Have been trying to eat healthier, and was told to start eating breakfast (i normally dont do breakfast) , this cereal is a great way for me to start
I HAVE TRIED THIS nature's path - cereal - sunrise cruchy cinnamon - & it's good
I love this brand. I have tried this cereal and the peanut butter and chocolate cereal. I love the cinnomen flavour and the fact that the cereal is hearty and filling. I appreciate a good gluten free product!
Our family is gluten free due to my daughter having Celiac. It is hard to find gluten free cereals that have lots of crunch and flavour and this one certainly has both. I would recommend this cereal to anyone.
I have this on my greek yogurt....love the crunch and the cinnamon taste....a great change...This is a great way to add healthy grains to your diet.
This is amazing cereal! It is good for you and tastes amazing too! Definitely recommend!
It was fresh and crunchy. I am happy that there is a variety of flavours and I will be trying them all.
I like Nature's Path Cereals . I like the taste ,and the crunch. I would recommend this cereal to anyone.
I love this. It is a great cereal that is gluten free, healthy, and it tastes GREAT. It is a little expensive but still great.
I loved the taste and price of this cereal. It had just the right amount of each ingredient to make my mouth water for more.
This is one product I will buy again and again. Nutritious and healthy.

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