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i bought these because i love coconut flavor these where not at all a hit
great biscuit
I like coconut and butter together. It is really tasy for my lunc or snack
Great Healthy Snack
I love all the Nature Valley Biscuits. Coconut Butter is my second favourite, peanut butter being the first. But they're not too sweet like other cookies, which I love. The cookie part always taste fresh because they're packaged individually, and tey're low in sugar.
crunchy coconut treat
Good coconut flavour in the cream. The biscuit has a nice crunch, and a hint of salt is a nice balance.
Absolute favorite
I adore this product! its my absolute favorite snack whenever hunger calls in between meal. the coconut butter is delicious and i wish i could just buy that separately! the cookies are amazingly crispy and its so easy to take one everyday with me.
Wasn't sure how they would taste. Delicious healthy snack
They're great!
Delicious and nutritious snack that goes great with a cup of milk. I loved the texture of the cookie and the coconut flavour. I would recommend this product to anyone for sure.
Croustillant et crémeux à la fois.Très bon goût pas trop sucré.
Nice snack
I was skeptical when I tried these, but was pleasantly surprised. They were not too sweet.
I love coconut so this was definitely up my alley. It has a great graham cracker-like cookie, with a delicious coconut butter cream inside. I ate these as a snack and wish there were more in a pack.
Tasty snack!
I loved these! Great cookie texture and the filling was so good! Love coconut!
This is my favourite/best snack for lunches at work! They are not too sweet, the texture is perfect and overall taste is amazing! My only wish is that the price would drop a little! Def recommend !
I received these as a gift and as a coconut 🥥 lover. These were a HUGE hit! I absolutely loved the flavour, texture and size. Larger box sizes might be required😉
Coconut Butter Biscuits!
I would have never in a million years thought to purchase these. I never think to try anything like this. My friend was over and brought a box of these with her and oh my goodness, they are the best thing I think I have ever eaten. Delicious. Crunchy and sweet with creamy coconut butter on the inside. I would recommend to a friend and I would (and have) repurchased ;)
Tried at my buddy’s place
Very good and tasteful. Once you have one, it’s hard to stop

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