NeoCitran Extra Strength Cold & Sinus Night Lemon

4.6 5 0 87 87 NeoCitran Extra Strength Cold and Sinus Night Apple Cinnamon is a nighttime cold and sinus medicine in a great-tasting hot drink Contains our most popular formula for effective relief from common cold and sinus symptoms such as sore throat pain, headache, sinus and nasal congestion, runny nose, and sneezing so you can rest and recover overnight Just dissolve the contents of the single-dose pouch in boiling water to create a soothing, apple-cinnamon-flavoured bedtime beverage Also available in lemon-flavoured pouches It is suitable for adults and children ages 12 and older Try the daytime formula from NeoCitran for non-drowsy relief during the day This package includes 10 convenient single-dose pouches To be sure this product is right for you, please read and follow the label GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare ULC, Mississauga, ON L5N 6L4 2021 GSK or its licensor
NeoCitran Extra Strength Cold & Sinus Night Lemon


i love this product when i feel somethings coming on i put 2 packages in a 10 oz cup as hot as i can take it, then sleep for 6/8 hrs and sweat it out. TOTALLY AWESOME
Réconfort et guérison
Goûte bon, effet appaissant et réconfortant. Réchauffe le corps. Parfait pour préparer une bon e nuit de sommeil malgré les inconforts physiques.
I use it anytime I feel like I am coming down with a cold. I feel much better the next day.
Meilleur produit pour la grippe
Mon produit préféré pour passer à travers un bonne grippe. Soulage vraiment efficacement et bon au goût !
Always in my pantry
We use this when we are sick. Which isn’t often but when we are it definitely helps us to sleep better at night. I like to add a little honey which is also good for you when your sick.
It did not help with my me when I got the flu. An I did not enjoy the taste as well.
For the Whiners
Anyone with husbands, sons and brothers knows men are babies when it comes to being sick. When he gets sick, the world comes tumbling down in the house. I have been using this products for years now mainly on others than myself as I don't often get sick. My boyfriend who does get sick a lot especially with his allergies, loves this. Just the initial smell when in the cup helps him breath a little easier. He loves the tastes of it and never leaves a drop, Always gives him a good night sleep as well. I use this for myself when I feel like I'm about to catch something and does the trick as well. for people who don't like this specific flavour they do have other flavours as well.
relieves cold symptoms but keeps me awake all night.
Knock me out
Love this evening cold drink. Add a little honey to boost the immume system and get some sleep.
Bon produit
Goût un peu amer et sûr selon moi, mais me permet de m'endormir sans trop d'inconfort à la gorge lorsque je suis malade
I felt that way because I wasnt feeling
Its help , relaxing also gives your body a good night sleep.
Comfort in a cup
When I'm sick I find a hot cup of this so comforting. Helps me sleep better, soothes my sore throat and minimizes by achy muscles. It does give my a bit of heartburn but still worth it.
Flu Hot Drink
Works and tastes great. I'll keep using it. It's become very useful in the summer and in the winter.
Great for when you’re ill
Great product used by all members of my family. Tastes great and soothing. Helped me to have a good night’s rest when ill and be able to function during the day.
Works good
My go to medicine since I was a kid. Really helps me sleep

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