4.6 5 0 48 48 Each single-serve sachet has the right balance of coffee, whitener and sugar so you get a creamy and sweet tasting coffee every time.
Nescafé® 3 in 1
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Good overall product
Got this product to use on the go...camping...travelling, etc. Works great the individual packets are easy to take on the go and use. The coffee is flavourful and the added creamer and sugar lets you just use and go! Its a bit sweet for me as I normally don't add sugar to my coffee but in a pinch or on the go I would highly recommend this product.
Balanced Mixture
It is tasty but I think mixture should be more balance rather than more sugary
So fast and easy
I love 3-in-1 coffees for the office. Nescafe is tasty and rich, like getting a fancy coffee from a barista. It's a little sweeter than I would like, but otherwise it's a favourite when I don't have the time to brew a pot of coffee.
Buen producto
Este café tiene el sabor exquisito me encanta combinación perfecta
Great taste
I loved the taste! Quite creamy, it’s perfect portion.
best ever
on en achete régulièrement sa rajoute beaucoup de gout
this product has great flavor but it is very sweet so if your not a coffee drinker that uses sugar its not great
My favourite!
So yummy! And a perfect blend! The French vanilla is a family hit also!
A change is good
I pick this up for a change to my coffee addiction, nice to have an all in one. I sometimes bring while travelling, hotels rarely supply enough coffee, etc.
Bon gout
Nous avons testé ce produit dernièrement lorsque nous sommes aller en voyage en ontario, nous l’avons apprécié, il est goûteux et riche. Parfaitement sucrée
I love Nescafe and this a very handy product, specially for people that is always on the go. Tiny pouches that you can carry even in your jeans pockets. Flavour is so good, It is true that it has the perfect amount of everything! I do recommend it.
I didn't expect to enjoy this (I generally do not like instant coffee) but found this to be a super quick, easy and tasty way to make a cup of coffee. There is a fair amount of sweetness to them, but I enjoyed the added "pick-me up" when I drank them as an afternoon treat.
Great tasting.. super convenient. Keep them in my desk at work! always fresh!
I received this product free from a promotional offer...they are great tasting...but not the type of product I would ever buy. I prefer plain coffee without all the added ingredients.
I received these as a freebie! I love them! They are so convenient when you want to just make one cup of coffee and they taste great too!

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