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Nescafe Encore Instant Coffee
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Good for whipped coffee
I only really like to use this for whipped coffee. For regular coffee, I find it isn’t as strong and doesn’t taste as good for some reason.
Great taste!
Nescafe has become my go too! I have tried many different brands which all effected my body differently. Nescafe doesnt upset my stomach, is smooth tasting (not to bold), and still gives me the boost I'm looking for! Add a little froth or chocolate and it's so good!
I enjoy this coffee usually every morning for a long time now. it doesn't taste too strong or too weak, in my opinion a great tasty balance. I love having this at home when I can't make it to a coffee shop
on en achete régulièrement sa rajoute beaucoup de gout
Love it
I use this daily. Just love the flavour. Easy for on the go mornings. Better than the “pod” taste for sure. And easier on the environment too.
interesting strong
A great addition to my coffee addiction, either alone or just a bit added to regular coffee
Morning coffee
Tasty not too strong such a warm appealing aroma for the automatic coffee maker
Perfect for a quick coffee in the morning
I'm not usually a fan of Nescafe, but bought this because it was the only option available at the time. I love the taste.. it's a full flavoured coffee without being bitter. The price was also very reasonable.
Quick pick me up
I usually have a cup in the evening. Smooth taste nice to sit down and relax with. Gives me an extra boost to make it through the evening
best in the world!
THIS IS AMAZING!!! I get my daily energy everyday and i'm always ready for work. My eyes are wide open and i can think very clearly after waking up at 6am everyday.
Love it!
Loved this coffee. Was never a coffee drinker but once I tried this I loved it...I start off my day with a cup of it !
For my family who is coming from Mediterranean background. Canadian nescafe is so weak flavour and it doesn't taste like nescafe. I will not recommend this to my family.
I love some Nescafe products but this one is not my favourite.
Hmm, it was alright. Fast and easy option to get a quick coffee fix.
i love nescafe it is my best coffe . i like coffe than thé and juice

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