NESTLÉ AERO TRUFFLE Tiramisu Milk Chocolate Bar 105 g

4.4 5 0 140 140 As if AERO milk chocolate wasn't decadent enough, NESTLÉ AERO TRUFFLE Tiramisu Milk Chocolate Bar (105 g) introduces a new way to experience pure chocolate bliss. Each delicious piece of caramelized white chocolate, coated in a milk chocolate shell, is filled with a bubbly, coffee flavoured truffle centre you can't resist. It's so smooth, so delightfully melt-in-your-mouth, you'll want to break off a piece to share with family and friends. After all, good things are made great when experienced with others. It's sure to be your latest craving as you FEEL THE BUBBLES MELT. AERO TRUFFLE is also available in Black Forest Cake and Chocolate Mousse.
NESTLÉ AERO TRUFFLE Tiramisu Milk Chocolate Bar 105 g


Le goût est très apparemment au tiramisu! Si vous êtes un fan de chocolat sucré et hors de l’ordinaire, excellent choix!
Pretty good a couple squares at a time
I'm going to be honest, I've never had tiramisu. This has a creamy mouth feeling, and is very rich. I can taste what I believe to be some kind of biscuit, chocolate, and a not at all subtle coffee flavour. I think they all go well together, but could see this being too much to eat a lot of at once.
Amazing, the smoothness of the chocolate and creaminess of the tiramisu is fantastic
It was good!
Really liked this one. Love terimasu! Would definitely buy again
OMG. Real fan of tiramisu here
Jesus. Quand j'ai vu l'emballage, j'ai su que ça allait être délicieux. Je n'ai pas été déçu. La saveur du chocolat au café rappel réellement la saveur distinc du tiramisu. Les fans seront comblés.
Areo treat
Very tasty, just the type of item for a tasty treat to spoil yourself.
try it you;ll be glad you did!
I'm glad it was a bigger bar and I could share it because it was so delicious. made for a nice sweet dessert. will definitely buy in the future.
I've been eating aero products since I was kid. And this really feels like a product that is meant for an adult that grew up eating aero. It's smooth and creamy with a nice bit of mocha to it. My husband is absolutely in love with this chocolate and gets so excited when I surprise him with a bar. It's a nice little treat when you're craving something more than plain chocolate.
Not exactly!
I was so excited to try the new Aero Tiramisu chocolate bar. I was expecting the chocolate bar to taste like the decadent dessert, Only to discover it’s not the greatest. I must say the original aero is so much better!
Stick with orginal
I mean it is good and all but too sweet. Maybe if it was in a tiny bar but these big bars are just to much to eat when you only have a piece once in a blue moon. Original is by far the way to go.
Faux Tiramisu!
I found this one to be incredibly sweet, to the point where it left a horrible after-taste in my mouth. I didn't really like the texture either. I had very high hopes as I love tiramisu, but Aero definitely disappointed me on this flavour.
Très bon
Bien onctueux et pleins de saveurs. J’ai vraiment apprécié cette gâterie.
I received this in a sample box a few months ago and wasn't sure if I would like it -- even though Aero chocolates and tiramisu are some of my favourites sweets to eat! BOOOYYY, I was not let down by this chocolate bar at all! It mixed well perfectly together. The only downside is that I don't see this specific chocolate bar often, so when I do I usually buy a couple!
Love them
This is just the right size for a small treat but they are so good
It's ok
I personally didn't like the taste texture but I'm sure many would enjoy this

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