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Nestle Gerber Arrowroot Biscuits
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great taste
I have always used arrowroot cookies for the kids that I have taken care of. These have a great taste and are easy for kids to use. If your kids are teething, throw these in the freezer for a cold treat for your kids to nibble away on.
My kids loved these! They are a great size for their little hands and I felt great offering them as a snack. My daughter (a 31 weeker) had difficulty feeding when it came to solids, but these were easy for her. She could practice biting and they also eventually dissolved or became soft enough for her to eat without as much effort. They kept her interested in foods!
Artificial Flavour
I purchased these for my youngest daughter and she did not like them. I tried them for myself and figured out they tasted horrible which is why she must have not liked them. I don't recommend anyone give these to their kids.
Staple snack in our house
This is my 2yo favourite snack, even my 5 yo loves it too. They are the perfect size for little hands and they taste really good. The texture is just right as well.
J'ai manger tout le sac !
J'ai acheter ce produit avant l'âge que mon fils puisse en manger j'ai fini le ouvrir le sac et le manger moi même je lai fini en 1 semaine j'ai trouver cela bon avec mon café 😁
Arrowroot cookies
My little guy loves these. They can be a tad messy but nothing to worry about, it washes away easily. He loves the taste for sure and they are easy to hold on to.
My kids love these little cookies. I always buy them to set on their stroller trays when I take them for stroller rides and they gobble them up. They are a nice size, easy for them to hold and tasty.
My kids love it. It is so delicious, dissolve quickly and tastes great.
my son really liked this product, he would go through bags of this as it was yummy and easy to digest.
Are baby love this Product I need to buy more very very soon ...........,,......
these are way to hard for my baby to eat they do not dissolve quick enough and really are bland in flavour
My teething baby doesn’t mind this product and seems like it. It is easy to hold for her and easy to chew. I would have given it a 5 star if it was organic and made from all natural ingredients. My baby prefers other baby crackers that are organic.
My son lived off of these delicious treats for some time. They're great to take along on the road or even at a restaurant. Also, very ideal for sharing with other kids.
Awesome!!!Definitely reccomend. Kids loved them. They taste exactly the same as the original arrowroot cookies.
My baby adored them ! When I take out the pack out of the cupboard he got the biggest smilenever !

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