4.7 5 0 10 10 NESTLÉ GERBER LIL’CRUNCHIES – now in Apple Sweet Potato flavour! It’s the same crunch your toddler knows and loves, but with a new taste, flavoured with real fruit and vegetable. And, like all our LIL’CRUNCHIES, they are designed specifically for toddlers to dissolve easily in their little mouths.
Nestle Gerber® Lil Crunchies* Apple Sweet Potato
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Awesome product
It is so good and crunchy and it gives taste of apple and sweet potatoes and awesome flavor
Soft, tasty & easy to hold
The product actually tastes good. They are perfect for our babies little hands. I enjoy that thwy are soft and easy for my baby to grab. The only thing I don't really like about these is I find them a little oily, so it makes a mess with oil stains on certain fabrics.
Babies love these
This was a favourite for my kids. I always transfer them to a mason jar once the package is opened, this keeps they fresh and prevent them from becoming a chocking hazard to young children.
Great snack
Lil' Crunchies have definitely been a favourite in our household in the past. Both of our boys had these when they were younger and absolutely loved them, my oldest would still ask for them when his younger brother got them. Quickly dissolves in the mouth and easy for the little ones to eat. Will be buying again for our newest addition once he's old enough.
Perfect for on the go
I have 3 kids and they all loved these snacks when they were little. I loved how convinient they were and there is plenty of varieties. Good price and healthier option then real Cheese puffs
these are my sons fav thing to eat. i always but these no matter what.
My child enjoyed eating the Lil'Crunchies - perfect finger food to feed himself and not very messy. He preferred the cheese flavoured ones compared to the apple and sweet potato flavour though
My twins really enjoyed eating these, there are other flavours too.
My little guy just loved them and he is 4 now and still wants them. They are very easy for little ones to eat. Great product for little ones.
My son love theese for a few months and then stopped eating them, so i never bought anymore after that.

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