4.6 5 0 318 318 11 crispy wafer fingers covered with a thicker mint chocolatey coating
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Only complaint is when it's gone
Absolutely love this. Get one of my favourite combos and it has that satisfying crunch that you only get with Kit Kat.
Kit kat
Kit kat has outdone itself. The mint chocolate I's amazing
this bar was amazing i ate the whole thing in one sitting... all 3000 calories of it, IN ONE SITTING! it was minty and crunchy and incredable
Perfect combination
In my opinion, there is nothing like the combination of mint and chocolate. This one passes the test!
Did not care for them at all, the mint was too over powering for my liking, I much prefer the reg KitKat bars
i love kitkat. i love mint. thus is just so amazing!! its just absolutely delicious
it's ok
I like regular flavor better.. it's like mixing chocolate and gum together ..no Thanks
Mom Loves
I bought these for my mom as she loves milk chocolate and mint. Well I bought them and bought them and kept buying them she loved this bar so much. Very minty and the typical good taste of a Kit Kat bar. They do not sell these anymore. They are gone from the shelf everywhere. What happened? It is too bad as mint and chocolate are a hard bar to find. Please bring back.
Mint chocolate...
Was disappointed with this candy bar. Found it not sweet enough and wanted a smoother texture. I'm picky about mint chocaolate bars as I really do have some favourites.
Okay product
It’s a vey interesting product. Chocolate is always meant to be sweet but the mintiness counters the sweetness leaving variety of flavors in your taste buds
This chocolate is so good. I really like the mint, it is the best. I will definitely be buying this again.
Chocolate, mint and crunch satisfies all my cravings. A wonderful treat when I get to sit and relax.
When I was a kid, I tried so many chocolate but Kitkat is what I found so tasty. The texture and the crunchiness so a definition of a great chocolate.#greentea
I love mint and kit kat's, but found this not minty enough for me. It is a very nice treat but not one I would go out of my way to look for.
Love chocolate and mint, this is so good, right ratio of mint, not too minty.

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