Nestle LES Recettes De L’Atelier Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar 115 Grams

4.7 5 0 224 224 Smooth dark chocolate full of roasted almond pieces bursting out of the bar in a truly handmade, artisanal feel. Easy to break off a piece and share with a friend. Made with 100% sustainably sourced cocoa certified by UTZ, as part of the Nestlé cocoa plan. We work with UTZ and farmers to improve the quality of their products and strengthen their communities
Nestle LES Recettes De L’Atelier Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar 115 Grams


Very good chocolate
At first when I had got this chocolate I was very unsure about it, after trying it this chocolate has the perfect difference between sweet and salty which kinda makes it a little addicting
So delicious can't put it down. But really only need a couple pieces absolutely 💯best ever
Freaking delicious
This line from Nestle is amazing. I always buy Lindt, but I honestly think these are better. Very smooth, full of flavour and lots of inclusions. Absolutely will buy again.
This chocolate is delicious. I have purchased a number of these bars and really enjoy them. Go beyond this flavour and you won’t be disappointed!
Soo good. This whole line is amazing. A perfect treat for after the kids go to bed.
Was super yummy and great for a treat a little expensive but sometimes when less is more.
Boutique Chocolate
These are absolutely lovely chocolate bars. They are worth every coin spent! It’s hard NOT to consume the entire bar. Nestle has done it again. Spot on with wonderful chocolate flavour and added nuts or fruit. Love them all.
For chocolate lovers every where
I love this chocolate bar. It has a good amount of coca in it. The flavor is just right. If you ever receive any coupons for this item buy one get one free try it out you will be glad that you did.
Had the honour of trying a new chocolate bar which was this and it was sooooo creamy and tasty! It’s a game changer for the palette highly recommend trying
Good craving buster
A great and less sweet way to get a chocolate fix. The almonds add a great texture and flavour. A bit pricey for what you get but can’t go wrong with this mix of flavours.
loved it
there was a good dark chocolatey taste and the roasted almonds were crunchy and a full almond flavour. i would buy it again. a great treat.
Crunchy and satisfying
Great mix of sweet and crunch to satisfy an afternoon sugar fix!
Great for munching
I love the taste of this bar, I bought with the coupon that I received with my sample bar. That was amazing to try. Love the other flavours as well.
J ai toujours aimé les mélanges chocolat et noix. Je n ai vraiment pas été déçue avec celui ci :) bon goût de sucré salé ! Parfait comme petit dessert ;) je le recommande et le rachèterai
So tastey
I absolutely love all of the bars in this line. I love the sweet and salty mixed with the chocolate. Definitely a feel good snack. I wouldn’t change a thing. I would absolutely recommend this.

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