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Nestlé® Nesfruta™
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This is WAY TOO SWEET. I would never buy again. The idea is good, but TOO SWEET.
I love this product. It is so delicious and very convenient.
I wasn't really impressed with any of their brand for water enhancers, not fruity enough.
I hated the ones I've tried which are Coconut Pineapple and Orange Peach Mango. They both tasted HORRIBLE please don't waste your money on them, they taste nothing like fruits, are too sweet just like the nestle flavoured waters and drinking it leaves this disgusting aftertaste in the mouth. I hate them so much I want to dump them in the toilet seeing how we can't return these horrible, terrible evil things.
Tried the Orange Peach Mango and is was gross. I even tried mixing it with an orange base from another company that I do really like and it still left a horrible chemical-ish aftertaste. Very disappointed, will stick to Kool-Aid, Mio, and/or Crystal Light.
Just bought the Nestle Nesfruta Strawberry Banana flavour. Wanted Crystal Light Blackberry Lemonade (my staple lately) but it wasn't available so got this as it is also a sucralose based product as we don't do well with aspartame. First glass was way too sweet because I added way too much (the colour isn't supposed to be dark for this drink whereas it is for the one I was typically drinking). This flavour has a smell I'm not too fond of and a bit of an aftertaste I don't like much either. It doesn't taste a lot like bananas to me but the taste while you're drinking it is a nice flavour. Beats plain water any day! A huge treat for me since I'm trying to keep my calories down. Would buy it again for sure but would try another flavour - raspeberry probably. $2.99 on sale with no coupon and I think the bottle will go a long way. Was hard to open without a knife. Didn't notice it said to shake well... will do that next time. Wonder how accurate 'made with fruit juice' is.
I love these. I don't like drinking plain water so I just add a few drops to a bottle of water and tastes great you can put a little more or less to suit your taste.
I have these stashed every where. At home, in the car and at the office. My favourite is coconut pineapple.
Tastes great...not too sweet:) I have also have my husband using it at work
This is the best tasting I tasted till now, tried 3 kinds and this is the one for me
Not a fan of this brand at all. It had an off taste that I was not a fan of. I believe this one got thrown out after the first taste
I found these to be much sweeter than their competitions. I use less because of that.I liked them, but my husband gets heartburn instantly from these where he does not from other like brands. I will buy again if there is a BOGO coupon and use for myself.
My favorite water additive. Really like the raspberry. You only use just a little bit so a bottle lasts quite a while
These liquid water enhancers seem to be all the craze. This brand is okay. It`s much better than juice, and you can add a little for slight flavour.
A great alternative for someone who wants to add some life to your water.

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