4.1 5 0 101 101 Help cleanse deep down into pores for soft, smooth feeling skin with Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub
Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Daily Facial Scrub, Oil-Free Cleanser
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Feel good
This is a tough daily scrub that is so far the only thing I've found to keep my skin clear. I've been buying it for years!I really like it
It does the job!!
We use this daily and we are very satisfied. There are little scrubies to help with cleansing. We feel refreshed and clean after using this product!! It’s great!!!
This was not too drying for my really, really dry skin. Other than that, I did not see any immediate results in terms of the conditions of my skin and whatnot. I would say at that price point it’s still a decent cleanser but there are other better ones out there.
lovely face scrub!
A very nice, gentle face scrub. Not harsh like some others, gentle enough to use often, light smell and leaves my skin feeling soft and cleansed. I love how it feels especially in the winter when my skin is so dry and needs some exfoliating.
Exfoliant efficace mais
J'ai essayé cet exfoliant deep clean pendant un certain temps. Il nettoie bien mais il laisse la peau sèche donc l'hydratation est essentielle. Il contient de l'acide salicylique qui combat les boutons et si la peau s'assèche l'effet est inverse
Fresh feel.
I suffer from combination skin problems, and blackheads, when I tried this cream I was amazed to find how soft and very wave refreshing on my skin, and the blackheads I can't hardly see, oh yes I recommend this cream to all who needs a lift up.thank you...cheryl.
Deep Clean is a good product
It is a good cleanser but doesn't have the exfoliation level that I prefer.
No PH Balance in formula & Dirty Pores
I find this product isn't compatible for those who have Dry-Combination Skin (w/ Oily T-Zone (blackhead prone)). Despite this, the formula isn't so particular that it inspired new outbreaks. This formula contains beads inside for the purpose of exfoliation, though it doesn't flush out blackheads & dirty pores, it doesn't inspire cell turnover, nor does it help bring dead skin to the surface or help assist in the scrubbing away of it. The beads only polishes and smoothens the surface of skin. Additionally, this product's formula seems to maintain whatever moisture levels your skin had prior to washing, leaving it in the same predicament. The downside to this is that it's rendered useless for dry skin as the formula doesn't have the building blocks that build back the skins ph. However, if you have perfect ph skin & use moisturizer regularly, this product doesn't further strip whatever moisture has been left in your skin.
great way to start the day
mmm, this cleanser is amazing not only does it deep clean for night time clean up but it is refreshing for a good morning to wake me up. love the size of the bottle however may be better to have a bottle where i can empty all the contents without destroying the bottle first lol
Pretty good!
I find this scrub to be gentle on my face. And it smell really nice!
Fresh faced
It's been years since I've used this but it still stands up. If you want a deep clean but not dried out skin, try it!
Facial scrub
I’ve been using this facial scrub for years and can tell if I’ve run out for a time. Great at removing dry skin patches.
Cet exfoliant fonctionne très bien. Je suis une personne qui n’aime pas les longs traitements et avec celui-ci, c’est possible d’obtenir une belle peau en moins de quelques secondes. Une seule application et on voit déjà une énorme différence
Neutrogena facial scrub
I love this facial scrub leaves your face clean and refreshed. It deep cleans and makes your face feel amazing. Love this product.
So fresh
This is my go to facial cleanser and I love the way it leaves your face so tingly and clean. Don’t get it in you eye though it will burn for hours

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