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Neutrogena DEEP CLEAN® PURIFYING Micellar Cleansing Wipes
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Works Great
This is my go to makeup remover for when I am really tired to do my full skin care routine at night but need to take off my makeup quickly before bed. I like that it does not dry out my skin and that it is no-rinse. It does do it's job in deep cleansing.
deep pore cleaner
My daughter uses them daily at nighttime to clean her face before going to be. It really cleans the skin and leaves it soft and refreshed.
Dėchesse la peau
Je n'ai pas beaucoup aimé ce produit, oui il nettoie bien, par contre il a un effet dechessant sur la peau.
Terrific cleansing wipe for the end of the day.
It is a great facial wipe. Easy on my skin and feels refreshing.
super bon produit, super efficace. je le recommande fortement
Work great
Good quality, they don’t tare, one does the job unlike a lot of the store brands. Leave your skin feeling soft and clean. It’s everything you are looking for in a face wipe. However the price is alittle highfor the amount you get.
Great results
Great cleansing wipes, have been using for almost 2 months and my usually sensitive acne prone skin has been improving. No irritation or outbreaks! Highly recommended!
Face wipes
Great product, face felt light and fresh. It didn't make my skin feel right like other products.
Amazing product
Make ur skin feel fresh n supple, deeply cleans with leaves no makeup residue on, the refreshing experience, great price, overall it does what it says.
Good product
Very refreshing. Helps to remove dirt and leaves you feeling clean.
Great product !
This is great for removing dirt, makeup, and oil from your face! I use mine at night before bed and it’s so gentle on my skin
Good wipe
These are good wipes as they are moist and convenient, though I wouldn't say that the 'deep clean' is felt or visible after use. Does clean the area appropriately though may need to use again to give it more of a chance.
bon produit
j'ai bien aimé ce produit vraiment un bon nettoyant
Facial wipes
Love these wipes leaves the face feeling clean and fresh
peau sensible
jai une peau sensible et les lingettes ont bien fonctionné je nai eue aucunes resctions cutanée indésirable

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