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my skin feels great!
Whenever I use these they always take off all of my makeup, (even the waterproof mascara.) And unlike other brands it doesn't irritate my skin and always leaves my face feeling clean and soft.
Neutrogena deep clean
5 star product and leaves your skin silky soft and gentle in hour skin if you have sensitive skin.
S Neutrogena DEEP CLEAN® PURIFYING Micellar Cleansing Wipes
Love this product does exactly what it says. The wipes are thin but not too thin and are very moist. Would definitely recommend.
Quick and easy
I love these wipes! They clean makeup and dirt super easy with no need to scrub, and leave your skin feeling really fresh and soft. I even use them for my 7 year old daughter after she plays “spa day” with my make up, she loves them too!
Deap Clean soin purifiant
J'ai essayer se produit que j'ai finalement classer comme bon pour dépanner en cas ou je serais dans un endroit ou il me serait difficile d'apporter ma grosse bouteille de nettoyant et hydratant par soit manque de place dans les bagages, soit je serait dans le bois sans eau, bref c'est ok.
Just love these cleansing wipes! I got them initially to go camping (no squished bottles in bag) and I was so happy with the results. Even with the harsh conditions I was in, my face felt clean and refreshed.
Favourite Wipes
I love these cleansing wipes they are my favourite and go to wipes for wiping my face off after I've worn makeup that day or I can feel my face is just dirty.
Neutrogena deep clean cleansing wipes
Excellent results! Deep cleaning, and purifying lotion leaves skin feeling softer, and supple.
Loved it
I am one that does not use a lot of makeup so this product was great to clean my face when I get home from work. It takes all the grime off and leaves me feeling clean.
This product is okay.
They smell amazing but if you’re someone like me who wears a full coverage foundation, you’ll end up using at least 5 wipes to clear your face (I still have to use a face wash after).
Lingettes démaquillantes Neutrogena micellaire
J'adore je ne prend plus que celles là, nettoie super bien et ma peau reste bien hydratée
Ces lingettes sont un soin purifiant et c' est sûr. Depuis que je les utilise ma peau de visage est tellement douce et surtout il ne laisse aucun résidus gras ou autres. Le fait de s' en servir régulièrement aide à nettoyer en profondeur pour avoir un visage frais et sains. Essayez l es, je les recommande fortement. Merci Bonne journée
Juste parfait pour bien nettoyer rapidement, non irritant pour la peau !
Love these cloths
I love how my skin feels after using these cloths. There’s no residue feeling on my face.
Fresh Clean Face
Love this product. It is my regular facial cleanser. Have tried others but the results are not anything like Neutrogena. Will continue to purchase, never want to run out so always keep an extra packet on hand.

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