Nivea Essential 24H Moisture Boost + Refresh Goodnight Cream

4.2 5 0 31 31 The Essentials 24h Moisture Boost + Refresh Night Cream is a rich, non-greasy cream that deeply nourishes and soothes dry skin while you sleep.
Nivea Essential 24H Moisture Boost + Refresh Goodnight Cream


Not greasy, but moisturizing!
Always on the hunt for a good night cream. This one has a great light scent and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy when I put it on or when I wake up. Feels great when I wake up!
Skin so soft
I've tried many different night time moisturizers and this was one of my favourite ones. It didn't have a strong scent which I like and it went on my skin so easily and didn't leave my face feeling greasy.
First try
I just purchased this off of Amazon and then it went onsale that kinda sucked lol but the product it’s self seems great! It’s nice and light, a little goes a long way! I bought the night cream the toner and cleansing cream! So far I’m enjoying them! I would recommend trying them!
Great nightly moisturizer
I love the value of this cream - it is affordable, but still works so nice on my skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, without making it too oily. I also like that I can buy this at my local drugstore! Highly recommend!
Nice evening moisturiser
Normally, I hate when moisturisers are in little tubs/pots because then you keep putting your fingers in and dirt that is carried goes into the cream. I much prefer pump style creams, however in this case I still really liked this moisturiser, I used the whole tub! It was very hydrating, and the scent was clean. I used it every night before bed and my skin definitely was able to keep hydrated through the night!
Fresh and relaxing
I would definitely recommend this nivea cream essential 24h moisture boost + nourish its not heavy as the original nivea cream perfect for all season its just fresh and relaxing when ever I apply it plus the fact that it’s nourish my skin is amazing
It works, however, it isn't 24 hours as it claims
The thing with this night cream is that it doesn't really work for 24 hours as it claims. The first thing most of us do, I imagine, is wash off the night cream first thing in the morning so it is kinda hard to really "test" that 24-hour claim. I found it absorbed into my skin and didn't irritate it, so that was good enough for me. It does have a scent that is very mild, but I did wake up with soft skin.
Great night cream, although I meant to buy a day cream. It’s thick and smells delicious but not overwhelming. It’s deeply moisturizing without being greasy and doesn’t make my sensitive skin break out.
My go-to
I use this every night on my face, it has a very natural smell that is a bit strong, but its not bad - kind of addicting to smell. It pretty heavy the cream and doesn't absorb completely into your skin, but it does leave your face feeling hydrated in the morning! I don't feel this is working for my anymore as I do require more hydration as I age. Overall, good starter night cream cream!
Affordable night cream
I found this product to be a very affordable night cream. It a fraction of the cost of other night creams. It's very thick so you don't need to use a lot. I would recommend this cream.
My go to night cream
As the title states: this is my go to night cream. I love it because a little goes a long way and it makes my skin feel extremely hydrated for a day or two after application. My only suggestions for improvement would be to improve absorption into the skin because sometimes it feels a bit greasy, like other reviews have mentioned. Regardless it is an amazing product for the price!
Only one I can use
I am allergic to a lot of face creams but this is one I can use. It goes on smoothly, smells nice and makes my skin feel good.
Leaves film
Not a fan as it leaves a greasy film on my skin and doesn’t absorb very well, I have dry skin and it doesn’t absorb into my skin, I feel like I need to wash again .
I don’t like this at all. Whenever I used this , I got water in my eyes. Don’t know why it’s smell affected to my eyes. So it’s not suitable for me.
Nice addition to this product line
I have used various Nivea products over the years. This cream is on the thicker side, so it lasts forever. The scent is not overpowering, which you certainly do not need when trying to sleep. I found it absorbed in quickly and left my skin soft in the morning.

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