4.4 5 0 79 79 New Nivea in-shower body milk with almond oil. It moisturizes instantly nourishing your skin for 24+ hours.
Nivea In-Shower Body Milk
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Does not do the job
I did not like this moisturizer. I do not understand how I can use a lotion in shower. It made everything wet and oily. I noticed even my tub was collecting the oils and needed to be cleaned more frequently. I am okay with an after shower moisturizer :)
I love this stuff. I frequently have to shower twice a day and this in shower lotion is my saviour. It makes my skin feel so soft. So easy to apply and I don’t feel greasy. Highly recommend this
I loved it!
I have used Nivea in shower body lotion and I loved it. It is so easy to use and does its job very nicely. It really makes my skin feeling soft and and hydrated especially in winters. Love Nivea!
It is not for me!
This Nivea in shower body lotion did not keep my skin hydrated at all, it made my eyes sting just from the smell of it, bathtub and mat where supper slippery every time I used it. I don't recommend it at all.
Not what I expected
I really enjoyed using the product it smells great but I didn't find it was effective as moisturizer, I my skin felt dry after a few hours.
good product
this is really good for my skin as i get dry skin a lot in the winter and this works great, leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.
Love Nivea, but not this body lotion
Nivtea is a favorite brand of mine. I love the smell and the thick paste of the tinned type when the dead of winter makes my face feel cracked and rough. I thought I'd love the in shower body milk, but no way! This stuff coats my hands and feels thick and goopy after rinsing very well multiple times. I still sometimes use it to coat my dry feet because it does work, but still my hands feel so yucky afterwards I kind of dread it. Once the bottle is gone I'd never pay to use it again.
Leaves your skin nice and soft
I originally received this product as a sample in the mail. I loved it so much I purchased the product in the store. After showering with body wash and rinsing you apply this milk all over the body. It's water activated. I rub it on like I would lotion and just leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse off. It leaves your body hydrated and soft. I often use this on those nights I work late and come home too tired to do my usual body care routine or after the gym when I don't have time a whole lot of time afterwards. Perfect way to keep moitruized especially on these cold and dry winter days.
Soft silky skin
Nivea has been a staple in my family since childhood. My Nana has used the brand religiously as far back as I can remember. I know it's a brand I can trust, its affordable and smells amazing. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and silky and I will continue to use it throughout my life as well.
Soft and smooth
I received a sample of this, which I had put in my bathroom drawer and forgotten it was there until recently. I am kicking myself for waiting as it worked wonders. My skin tends to get fairly dry in the winter and this shower lotion left my skin smooth and soft. The scent is subtle, like classic Nivea. I will certainly be purchasing this to use on a regular basis to use year round.
Soft and smooth
Gave loads of moisture and life back to my dry, flaky winter skin. Absolutely loved it.
Nice lotion
I tried this product last month after receiving a free sample. I must say I found it to be a confusing product. It feels like a lotion except the packaging explained you must apply in the shower which I found it was difficult to do. Then just rinse it off. It sounded like some was suppose to stay on your skin after showering. I wasn’t certain if I used the product as intended. I felt I didn’t really wash it off and just allowed it to absorb into my skin after as a lotion. I felt it was very soft, non greasy and did not have an overpowering scent. It left my skin feeling quite soft. I would probably try it again.
works well!
I love the smell of nivea cream, and this slightly smells like it. I have tried a few different scents from this like. I works well over all. Its not so common to find a in shower lotion anymore.
It Works!
I recieved a free sample of this. Those who hate taking the time to moisturize, I know you're out there and this one's for you! I like that there's four different versions. I definitely understand the convenience of it since I literally put it on then immediately rinsed it off. I seriously doubted that my skin was going to let me skip actual body milk...But it did! For over 24hrs! It wasn't sticky either. It needs pump packaging though, because it's a slippery product. It can make the shower slippery, too. I love my OG body milk too much to let it alone, but I think this is pretty cool.
Smooth soft skin
I got sample of this product and I tried it. I loved the scent of smell and also after using my skin was so soft and hydrate. I would love to buy the full size one especially the cold weather is coming.

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