4.8 5 0 8 8 Helps minimize white marks on black clothing. Helps protect against yellow staining on white clothing. With 24 hour anti-perspirant protection.
Nivea Invisible Black & White Anti-Perspirant
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No need to try anything else
It's everything you want and need in a deodorant. It really doesn't stain!
Nivea Antiperspirant
i love this antiperspirant ,whenever i use it i feel refresh all day long,its has a sweet and amazing fragrance ,another reason i like this product is the fact that its does not stain my dress.Is a good quality and effective product,i will strongly recommend to friend.Thumbs up to the company/product producer
I love it doesn't stain my clothes like what all these other roll ons do
Really Good!
I like this deodorant because it actually works, I mean it doesn't damage my clothes with white or yellow spots. It have a nice scent and I know it is liquid but is not sticky!
love the fresh and light scent. doesn`t leave white marks and lasts the day in the summer!
This is my favourite deodorant as it truly doesn`t leave those white residue stains as it claims...my "go to" deodorant when I am wearing black
I bought it because i had a coupon. its not the best one they have. nice scent though.
Doesn`t do much for sweating. Would buy again 89fbon sale or had a coupon.

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