4.5 5 0 50 50 A moisturizing cream that energizes and hydrates skin without leaving a greasy residue.
Nivea MEN Skin Energy Q10 Moisture Cream
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My husband tried this product he liked the clean feeling but found after using it dried his skin out
Cool crisp
This Nivea cream has to be in the top five that I have used in my life. It goes on very non greasy and makes your skin both and look hydrated and younger. I swear it was not a trick when after having had used it for a week I noticed the total difference it made. Will buy more definitely
Soothing and refreshing
I use it after shaving every morning and find it refreshing and soothing as my left side neck use to itch after shaving but this product makes my face feel refreshed, it does not itch anymore.
Love it
My husband loves the Nivea cream he uses it Every day and loves how it makes his skin feels
q10 moisture cream
this cream is great i like it very much. the price was very good
Great skin care for your husbands ladies!
I am an esthetician and and have been working in the business a long time. I bought this skin care for my husband who is an outdoorsman. He is a duck guide and is in the elements everyday. It took a long time but I finally got him to use something on his face and he absolutely loves it. He cannot go a day without it! He said his skin feels so dry when he misses a day and we both notice a huge improvement in his fine lines and especially his crows feet. We both highly recommend this product!
My husband uses this and he absolutely loves it,he said it feels nice on his skin,i absolutely love the clean smell..this is a must for men..
I enjoyed using this product as it left my face feeling fresh and moistureized in the morning. Didn’t make my skin oily, and it didn’t make me break out which is a plus.
Bought this product about two weeks ago.I have very dry skin and followed the instructions my skin now is much better.Very impressed.
Not the greatest
My husband did not enjoy Nivea Men Q10 moisturizer at all. It left a slight greasy feel on his skin and left him feeling his skin was not breathing with a subsequent sweat reaction. Not the best choice for men not accustomed to wearing moisturizer, and definitely not the best choice for summer.
Smells Great
Husband loves this cream, works so effectively without leaving a greasy feeling with a great smell
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jaimerais bien essayer ce produit.qui nessaye pas ne connait pas
I have not seen the Nivea MEN Skin Energy Q10 Moisture Cream on store shelves yet. I do use Nivea men's moisture cream and it keeps my skin soft and smooth without irritating it. It is a great product.
Would love to try this awesome product.. Very good brand name product that the company stands by 100 percent.

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