4.3 5 0 9 9 NIVEA EXPERT Micellar Water with MicellAIR Complex and Black Tea Extract effectively removes long-lasting makeup and mascara like a magnet without leaving any greasy product residue behind. No rinsing. No rubbing
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Bought for wife
She said it wasn’t bad, couldn’t get off the mascara that it was intended for
Not bad but doesn’t get off mascara
Not bad but still needed eye make up remover for my non waterproof mascara. Easy and recommend but won’t get all the mascara off easily.
First time I've tried this product, good experience. Got most of my makeup off and cleaned up mascara very well. Left my skin feeling great after!
Not bad !
Made my skin feel pretty fresh and clean but wouldn't use it instead of an eye makeup remover. Didn't take off all my eye makeup I still looked like a raccoon in the morning. Great to use as a "refresher"in the morning too!
Refreshed skin
First time ever that I used this product, and I loved it. Makes my skin feel so refreshed!
Terrific cleaner.
The first time I tried Micellar Water I was pleasantly surprised. The water felt cool and refreshing as I applied it to my face and surprisingly took off all my make up including eye makeup. Afterwards, my face felt clean and refreshed and was very soft to the touch. Definitely recommend.
Its amazing I love the packaging And ofcourse its popular brand so yeah ans its easily available too. Lovely
Would love to try and feel if it will leave my skin soft and smooth
Ooh this looks amazing, i like the original or whatever.. This upgrade looks great lol

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