Nivea Natural Comfort Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick

4 5 0 91 91 The NIVEA Natural Comfort Stick deodorant is developed without any added aluminum to provide a fresh feeling all day long
Nivea Natural Comfort Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick


What’s the point of wearing deodorant?!
I’m all for things that are better for you, but only if they work. The texture of this deodorant is like a slick greasy almost like a roll on feel. It also does not perform, still smell at the end of the day. Will Not recommend or buy again
leaves underarms wet and sticky!
I am not a fan of this deodorant. I liked the concept of it being natural and aluminum-free, and the scent is light and fresh, but this did not perform well on me. It applied quite wet and left my underarms feeling sticky.
Love it!
No unnatural scent, no residue on my clothes. I love that it goes on quickly and easily and does a proficient job at keeping odour non existent. I am a stress sweater and this cuts it for me every time! I also noticed it lasts a long time! Bonus
I really like the smell even if it's really strong. It did a great job for me, but did not last long (3-4 hours). But unfortunately I would not buy this product again.
Works great needs a better smell
Product works good; however, doesn’t have the best natural smell. I find I still end up smelling sweat at the end of the day. Add a variety of more scents.
Okay Product
this is an okay product for me. To me it feels too slippery and almost too oily feeling. It goes on kind of cooling but it feels like it never dries. It does also come on pretty thick so if possible stick to a different one. It does have no aluminum, so that's a plus if you can handle the messiness.
Good but made underarm dark
I used it before and I like the smell but for long time you use it made my armpits I stop it but still I buy for family. Maybe you can improved it to make a lighter skin.
Not great
The smell of this was nice, but it really doesn't last very long and I would have to reapply several times a day. It also was quite wet going on and didn't dry down very well. This may work for some people but not for me. If you want a really great natural deodorant look at Schmidt's.
This stuff is like a miracle stick. I stress sweat all day long and this stuff has worked nothing but wonders for me. I do have to apply it like twice a day sometimes but it works well and sometimes I don't have to apply it twice. It smells good throughout the day and when I sweat it even smells good, to a certain extent.
It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin
It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and I like the fragrance free option. It leaves skin soft and doesn’t give a rash, even after shaving. I’d recommend this to someone with sensitive skin who needs a deodorant.
Great for sensitive skin
Some deodorants bother my skin, give me a rash, but Nivea was great for sensitivity and for odour control. I just wish I could find it better in the stores I shop in.
Lasted 5 hours tops
I am a person who sweats a lot. I wanted to try a aluminum free deoderant so I went to my local drugstore/pharmacy and picked this up as it was the least expensive aluminum free deoderant option. It has a nice smell to it when I put it on. It lasted me around 4-5 hours then the smell completely goes away and I sweat like crazy. I understand it cannot control my sweat since it has no aluminum but it’s false advertising since it says it is “48 hours longlasting odour protection.” After 5 hours the smell completely wears off and my pits reaked! I will definitley be going back to my Dove deoderant ! I highly do not recommend this. If you want to go the aluminum free route, I suggest to invest more and find a deoderant that will truly hold it’s odour because this one does not!
Works well
Good for every day wear. Smells decent, doesn’t dry out your armpits or leave white on your clothes.
I have been using this product for a couple weeks now and have not been impressed by it. its jelly-like texture felt gross on the skin and made me feel more sweaty/gross, did not make me feel clean throughout the day I found myself having to reapply this product about 5-6 times per day, because it didn't last (and I didn't use this product for working out or anything that requires much physical activity, just as every day, school and work environment).
Pit stick
Loved it didn't leave marks on clothes and lasted ling time, was nice to still smell and feel refreshed.

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