Nivea® Q10 Firming Body Oil

4.4 5 0 94 94 New Nivea Q10plus Firming Body Oil – a powerful formula with multiple benefits for your skin: Firms skin in 2 weeks, evens skin tone, nourishes intensively, reduces stretchmark appearance.
Nivea® Q10 Firming Body Oil


Great oil, however it isn't firming in my opinion
This is a great body oil for moisturizing your skin, absorbs quickly without being TOO oily, however, I didn't notice anything firming about it. It also has some nice nutrients, but if you are expecting a firming liquid in a bottle I just didn't notice any difference.
This body oil was not overly scented and opposed to other oils, the Nivea q10 oil made my skin feel soft, tighter, and smoother after a few uses. I liked that not a lot of oil was required to moisturize the body.
Not a bad body oil BUT...
I’d give this 5 if it was branded as just a “body oil” but I’m giving this 2 stars because it does not firm at all even in the slightest. That being said, it is not a BAD oil...I just don’t think it should have firming in it’s title or as one of it’s promises. The oil absorbs so nicely and quickly into your skin, you don’t have to wait for it to dry long before you can get dressed. It smells and feels lovely but no, I’m sorry...I was puzzled to see reviews of it saying it firms. I got a huge full size of this product for free and will not leave a positive fake review. I have to be honest. For people who are looking forward to firming effects and buy this specifically for that reason. I am very very petite and slim but have first signs of cellulite developing on my thighs and bum. Stomach is not tight anymore no matter how hard I work out and I know it is from skin quality aging or losing elasticity. If you want a very nice dry oil for your body then yes this is great.
Love it
Left my skin feeling soft and silky😊 definitely would recommend 😊
Love it
I love this body oil its so moisturizing and nice feeling I definitely recommend
Great product that really works
I love the Q10 range and really feel the difference with this. I use it in my least favorable areas and feel tighter and more smooth. Good product and it also doesn’t stain and Small’s nice- not too sweet etc, just a good clean smell
Nivea Q10
Tried Nivea Q10’firming oil and I can say its okay. I love the smell and it was easily absorbed by my skin without the feeling of greasiness. Though i cant say my skin firmed when im done with bottle, because cellulites was still visible.
Decent Product For Your Skin
This oil is a dream to apply; it goes on so smoothly and absorbs very quickly without leaving any greasiness behind. It leaves my skin with a lovely sheen & healthy glow! It also has that wonderful, light floral scent that is the calling card of this Nivea line. I LOVE that this product contains avocado oil (in addition to cottonseed and macadamia oils). I don't think I've been using this product long enough to give an honest opinion on it's firming and skin tone evening qualities but have been using it nightly and would recommend it for it's moisturizing qualities alone. It's a great finishing touch after bathing. It's recommended for all skin types and although it's an oil, because it doesn't go on super greasy I'm sure it would work for many types of skin. I'm going to keep using and enjoying this as part of my nightly beauty routine.
I found this to be moisturizing and definitely helps in the harsh winter months. I didn’t see a firming effect though.
Love this body oil! Smells great and a little goes a long way. I have a bottle for over months. Works great in the winter when skin is very dry. Worked beautifully on my legs and made them appear beautiful as well!
The Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil has made my skin oh so soft! The oil is fast absorbing, leaving my skin smooth and moisturized.
Great for dry legs I love the fragrance.The formula isn't greasy and absorbs quickly into skin. Leaves the skin feels soft and hydrated. Not sure about the firming action but I will continue to use it.
I didn't see any difference in the firmness of the skin so if that's what you're looking for, I can't help. But this is an awesome body oil. It's not greasy at all, absorbs very well into both damp and Dry skin and really keeps it moisturized. The scent is nice and light too. Great body oil.
My skin definitely feels amazing after using this oil for a week. I was worried it would leave oily marks on my clothing, but it absorbs quickly. The oil has a nice scent and leaves my skin smooth and silky. I did not notice a reduction of my stretch marks, but I will be purchasing again based on how my skin looks and feels.
I was sent other the Q10 oil and Q10 creme and wow the creme is all goneit was amazing but the oil was just that oil so for someone to say it wasn't greasy and it rubbed in "great" I have no idea what there talking about its oil! It didn't do a thing other then make my hands oily and it didn't rub in at all! I wouldn't buy this never again and not only that u try to use as little as possible but it just doesn't rub in like a creme I know it's not suose to I actually have mine away after about 2 weeks of using it!

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