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100% Goodness
It's affordable, with great taste , my family loves it, and nothing better for you as some good old vitamin C
Pretty good...
My kids love oj and this ones has the extra stuff our regular oj lacks.
Delicious and nutritious
Love it. Never without it in our home. We buy it because of the probiotics
Great juice
Awesome juice! A nice tangy wake me up first thing in the morning.
Good as much as any other
Although a little pricey at my supermarket, it tastes just as good as any bottled juice.
Love it has probiotics in it! Taste really good. Little pricey for me tho.
Like it
I liked this OJ but it kind of tasted a bit different than other orange juices. I can't explain it but it had a tad bit different taste to it. It was good but I definitely could taste a difference
good product good test good product good test
Tastes good
This orange juice tasted the same as a non probiotic. My daughter loves orange juice and she didn't notice a difference. I will definitely be purchasing it again.
Nice juice
Oasis is definitely an orange juice that I would recommend to family and friends
Juice of life
I have been nauseous for the past 3 months of my pregnancy but this juice is a go to for me. It is worth every dime.
Best OJ to spend money on
I love this juice, it tastes so good and the price is always great. great quality and value
I love this OJ but....
While I love OJ in general and really enjoyed this especially as it tasted super fresh and had no added sweetener, I have a problem overall and with specifically in the added probiotics, I have spoken to several medical doctors about probiotics and even taken a few products like this to ask if what they do and how much they help I have been repeatedly told that unless you are taking a specific probiotic supplement that it is basically a marketing ploy. The amount of probiotics a human needs to assist with gut health is in very large and most food products this juice included don’t come anywhere close at all and then when you add them to food much of what is added gets destroyed by the acids in digestion. So the fact is I picked it up on sale it was delicious but it only has a placebo/feel good effect like other products that offer probiotics.
Mmmm Freshly Squeezed
I really like the taste of this Orange Juice....It goes down very smooth.. no harsh after taste.
delicious- you feel like you are drinking quality juice!
I purchased Island Oasis- pulp free and with pulp. I would suggest either one, however the juice with pulp has a heartier taste and really seems to taste fresh! Love it and would recommend it for all to try.

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