4.5 5 0 207 207 Blend of purées and fruit juices from concentrate with natural flavours and vitamin C Strawberry Banana
Oasis Smoothie Strawberry Banana
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Great taste!
I was surprised that this tasted so good! I was weary about a smoothly in a juice box lol but it proved me wrong. Texture was good and flavour was refreshing. It did not taste artificial or powdery.
Kids and I love this. We used to make our own smoothies niw we can can just buy these...over ice in the blender?? EOW
Tried it, loved it
I bought it back in 2018 , very creamy and fresh, you really taste the fruits in it... Best milkshake ever
Best Smoothie
One my favorite smoothies, with my go to fruit combination. I love this smoothie.
I really loves this drink loved the flavor how healthy it is and for me I use it as a quick breakfast option and it makes me feel full from just one glass
totally delicious
I don't buy this all the time but it truly is delicious! As it is smoothie style I like to add a little water to water it down, plus it makes it last longer. Very sweet as well so the water helps alot!
You are thirsty? This here will quench that thirst nicely, give you a healthy boost to continue your day and allow you to get some much needed vitamins in. The downside? None!
Delicious juice
This just is so good and I love the fact that it’s gluten free it’s extremely healthy and not only that it’s very delicious. I also love the strawberry banana flavour I love strawberries so much and I eat bananas every week
One of my favorites
This is one of my top choices when picking something from the juice area of the grocery store. Has a very nice smoothie consistency and tastes amazing!
Test great. I love smoothies and this one is almost as good as the one I make at home.
this is just great
Oasis Mango smoothie will always be my favorite and my granddaughter is just wild about it. Velvety smooth and not sugary, the way it should be
This stuff is awsome to drink in mornings love it will be buying all the time
Oasis Smoothie
Les Oasis Smoothie sont délicieux. Parfait accompagnement pour le petit déjeuner. Goût riche et savoureux.
Best product
Oasis strawberry and banana juice is my favorite drink to have during breakfast. It is healthy, great value and inexpensive compared to other brands. I would recommend this and I hope they make new flavours
Fresh and tasty
We been buying this smoothie a lot lately because it is so yummy and it taste so good and it is without sugar too. Great for a refreshing start in the morning

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