4.4 5 0 193 193 Blend of purées and fruit juices from concentrate with natural flavours and vitamin C Strawberry Banana
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I have tried this a few times and I find it very yummy! It’s smooth, although It is a bit expensive but the brand name is good and it’s healthy for you so I would recommend it for sure!
Not usually a fan of carton drinks but this is by far my favorite. No mess,no fuss and tastes as good as home made. Would recommend this to anyone who loves smoothies but hates the time they take to make. Delicious
Definitely a good smoothie would buy again! Almost taste like the real thing
Nice flavors and decent nutritional value. This product is well priced and easy to find! I'd recommend it to anyone who loves smoothies, but who can do without the mess of making them at home.
Tasted delightful and I was pleased with the texture. Will definitely buy again in future.
Oasis smoothie
Great morning smoothie. Rich in the best ingredients. I'm not really smoothie fan or shouldn't I say, i wasn't until I tried this smoothie and all the various flavours. I'd like to add that it's also an easy on the stomach for those who have trouble digesting foods and liquids.
Love at first sight
I absolutely love this delicious Oasis Smoothie Strawberry Banana. So refreshing and tasty
I gave up making my own Smoothies once I tried OASIS’S SMOOTHIE line!👍👍 So fresh and filling tasting.Great as a liquor mix too lol
Love this smoothie
Absoluetly love this think flavorful product its delicious and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants something refreshing and full of flavour . Try the other flavors oasisis has on the market also good
Great for school mornings
Kids love this in the morning with breakfast. Strawberry banana is there favourite kind great alternative to orange juice every morning and best part is you can switch up flavors so they don't get sick if the same thing every morning
This is a great quality product. The whole family loves this. As a mom I love it because I know my kids are consuming something healthy.
Oasis Smoothie
I have tried a few flavors of the Oasis Smothies and the Strawberry Banana is my favorite, love the flavor combination. I did find it a bit to sweet but I just watered it down a bit and it was good!
All time favorite
Our kids love this product. The thick delicious mix of banana and strawberry tastes better than my homemade version. The right amount of sweetness and finest fruit make all the difference. Takes away some of the effort
Tastes Great and My Kids Love It
We like to make smoothies at home. Oasis Smoothies are super convenient when we don't have time to blend a smoothie. My kids are busy with school and sports and they like their smoothies so this is a great way to get nutrition in them when we are too pressed for time to make a smoothie.
So Delouses
I highly recommend this drink. If you find it too sweet or thick just add some water and your good to go

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