4.4 5 0 179 179 Blend of purées and fruit juices from concentrate with natural flavours and vitamin C Strawberry Banana
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Good Taste
Great combination of flavors. Strawberry and banana go together really well. Definitely recommend.
Great Taste
We always have Oasis smothies in our fridege. Banana strawberry and mango are our favourites. Can't start my day without drinking a glass. No milk. No sugar added, only a blend of fruit and fruit purees. I wish they would come in individual sizes too.
My favorit Juice I buy when shoppng
The best juice I`ve tried in my grocery shopping and drink dayly@
For that smoothie craving
I always trust Oasis with my juices and have yet to be disappointed. I'm in love with their smoothies, definitely a must try if you see it in the grocery store.
Nice mix
I was looking for a new Summer blender drink, and tried this with a few ounces of Voldka and ice, 30 sec's in the blender. It's flavour was very good and I will be trying the other flavours they have.
Tried this product. Packed with flavour but high sugar levels, made me wonder how healthy it was and when I reviewed what was in it felt that it was not very healthy. I wouldn't recommend the product especially to a diabetic.
Il est très bon ce smoothie de Oasis je vous le conseil fortement!
Thick ready-made smoothie
Great for busy mornings as it’s ready pre-mix. It is a little thick, make sure you shake before you pour. Fresh date is dated pretty far, so most likely filled with preservatives. But it is tasty.
tastes good but
you can make this exact with fresh fruits at home for a lot less than what the carton costs. tastes good though.
Refreshing Drink
I really like this product and I've bought it for my family several time. It's not like a real smoothie texture, but the flavour is sweet and delicious. Really good to have on the side with breakfast or as an afternoon snack.
So Yummy
Oasis Smoothie in the Strawberry-Banana is so yummy, it fills me up, helps me make to the next meal. It could even be a meal if I wanted. The flavour is amazing. Give it a try, I think you will like it.
I didn’t like it
This is an excellent product idea but I didn’t like the taste or the texture. Smoothies take time to make.. buy fruits, wash and cut then purée so I’d rather buy a prepared one but it just doesn’t taste the same as a freshly made smoothie. I don’t know if it’s the banana because it doesn’t preserve well or what.
Great Flavor
I love these Oasis smoothie flavors. Extremely high in sugar so it's not overly healthy but definitely I nice treat every once in a while.
It is nice to see that the manufacturers are trying
I think that it is a good product, but it could be better But of coarse most of the products need some improvements. But the thing I liked about the product was the taste, and at least the companies that manufacture these products are trying to come up with more healthier choices
Great Taste!
I bought this to use in smoothies, tastes great. Gives the snoothie more flavor and texture. I only buy on occasion as its a bit pricey. They do come on sale.

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