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Oatmeal Crisp New! Special Edition Apple Crisp Cereal
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Love This Crunchy Cereal
This crunchy cereal is so good! Comes in different flavours, but I like the Apple Crisp the best.
Delicious and nutritious...try having yogurt and berries or bananas with your bowl full really it's a treat mmmmmmmmmmm
So yummy
This is now my go to cereal. It tastes so good and doesn’t go soggy. Even the kids love the flavour!
Oatmeal crisp
I tried this for the first time this morning. I loved the crunch and how it doesn't go soggy quickly. The flavour is also very good.
Great Snack !
I love this cereal ! I tend to be a late night cereal snacker- and this is favourite. So crunchy, just enough sweetness and great flavour. The other nice thing is that if you are eating it traditionally it doesn't get soggy in 3 seconds. It actually stays crunchy for a while
Awesome cereal!
I always find myself eating these, even as a midnight snack. These are so perfectly balanced with sweetness and texture with milk. I don't think any improvements could be made. I actively buy and recommend this cereal all the time.
I like that every mouth full has a different mix of favors. Great texture and crunch!
One of my favourite Oatmeal Crisps
Have tried many of the flavours and this is one I keep going back to ... good apple flavour and not too sweet.
Céréales Oatmeal Crisp
C'est une céréales à la fois nutritive et délicieuse. Elle a de vrai morceaux de pommes et reste croustillante assez longtemps. Tellement bon que j'ai acheté le format familiale.
Great Taste
I love this flavor great apple taste, I eat it almost everyday. I like my cereal crunchy so this is a good choice for me.
The perfect breakfast cereal! This is similar to the other flavours but has a perfect amount of cinnamon paired with dehydrated apple chunks....mmmmm! It's a nice treat in the morning. We use almond milk which takes it to another level of delicious!
This cereal is perfect as an everyday breakfast. It's filling and very tasty. Even after several months, i enjoy the taste.
Apple Crisp Honey Bunches Cereal
I knew I would like this flavor but not how much I couldnt stop eating it every day. It really tastes like eating apple pie or cobbler and makes me happy to have cereal for breakfast!
Oatmeal crisp
J'ai toujours aimé le goût des céréales Oatmeal crisp. Je trouve qu'elles sont excellentes pour commencer la journée du bon pied. J'ai hésité avant d'acheter cette saveur, car j'avais peur qu'il y ait un goût de cannelle trop prononcé, mais celui-ci était parfait. J'aime le croquant de ces céréales qui ne deviennent par trop molle dans le lait. Elles sont a adopter pour un excellent déjeuner.
I like the crunch of the cereal and the cinnamon apple flavour tastes like dessert for breakfast.

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