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Ocean`s Flavoured Tuna
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Awesome on the go!
As a flight attendant I am always on the go and often on call so these are great to have as a staple in my lunch kit because they're a delicious source of protein that stays good and can be opened easily. I will use these on bread for a sandwich or tuna melt, with crackers/pretzel crisps for a nice snack, or mixed in with rice and pasta for a more substantial meal! I've tried many of the flavours and haven't been disappointed yet!
Très pratique, juste a àjouter dans une salade et le tour est joué!
great on the go
These are great little snacks on the go. Good mid day office snack when paired with some crackers. Works out nicely as a light quick snack to hold you off till your main meal.
Yummy Flavoured Tuna
I got a sample of this, and loved it so much I went out the next day and bought some more cans with the coupons that came with the sample, and they were on sale. I bought every flavour there, and loved them all. No need for Mayo. I added it on top of a salad and also just ate it out of the can. They're small cans, but perfect for a meal. I love the Sriracha and Thai Chili the best.
nice flavours
I do not eat fish, allergic, but my husband really enjoys the different flavours of tuna. He likes the size this comes in as well, as it makes one nice sandwich. He also enjoys adding this on top of a salad.
Good flavour
These are great to take along with some crackers for a nice snack! Good variety of flavours
Desk Staple
Though not my favourite brand of tuna, it is tasty and convenient. I keep a can of Oceans or other in my desk. My favourite is the spicy.
Cat food?
It's taste awful, i felt it was cat food. I will not buy it again.
j'ai un faible pour celui au chili c'est epicé comme je l'aime
j'ai bien aimé celui a saveur de tomate et d'oignon alors tel quel ou avec des biscottes c'est delicieux
Jadore le thon et jaimerais un echantillon pour lessayer
I've tried the Thai Chilli and the Sriracha and I love them. It's an easy lunch or snack when I'm on my own,
great flavor selection and the small size is perfect for a single person
Love this product as i love tuna and it is perfect for one .
Thai Chili,Tomato & Onion Just fantastic great flavor

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