4.2 5 0 120 120 Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo.
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Miracle Shampoo!
I love this shampoo! Like most ladies, I have tried every shampoo on the market. From super expensive salon kinds to discount brands. This one is my all time favorite! I have been using it for about a month and it's really changed my hair. I dye and highlight my naturally dark blonde hair to a light blonde and this leaves it damaged. This shampoo changed everything. Give it a try! Under $11.00 and available anywhere!
Smells Great
Excellent shampoo, lathers well, leaves hair feeling soft and smells good but not a lot of value with the size of bottle, expensive
Une petite merveille
Ce produit laisse les cheveux doux et sent très bon! Depuis que je l’ai essayé je ne peux plus m’en passer!
Love Coconut
The value is not there for the size of the bottle but I love all things coconut for my hair. The product smells amazing and it is thick in texture. It lathered really nice and after washing my hair was soft and easy to comb through. I was overall pleased with the product and would buy again, but when it is on sale.
Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo
It leaves your hair silky and soft. It also removes dandruff and leaves your skin fresh.
I love this product! Makes my hair feel amazing! Would buy again!
Smells great
I love this shampoo and the smell is wonderful. I have used this shampoo many times and will use again
While I found it does leave my hair softer than before and the damage doesn't seem to be as bad, I have noticed it leaves my hair feeling considerably more greasy on day 2 than other shampoo & conditioners from OGX, I'll most likely keep using it because it smells amazing, but I'll also be switching back a forth with my other shampoo & conditioner
Not what I expected
Perhaps my hair is just more absorbent than others, but I have to use alot of product just to achieve a lather. I did not really notice any difference in frizzyness. I have tried other products by this company and enjoyed them however. I'll just have to try another.
I love all the products they offer. The shampoo smells great and washes your hair very clean. It’s makes the hair shine and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling like it has wax on it. This product leaves my hair, soft, shiny, clean and smells so good. The scents are beautiful and not over powering. It left my hair in better condition then other products that I have used. I always buy this product now and will never go back to any of the other shampoo and conditioners I’ve used in the past. My hair is always soft and looks and feels great after every use. I highly recommend this product and I’ve even use it in my daughters hair that is long and get tangled easy and it makes her hair soft and easy to brush out the knots and Mats and doesn’t cause any pain or hair breaking off.
I have tried the OGX, its not a very big bottle in those words it is also not the greatest value for your money. I find that Tressemme works better for my damaged hair and OGX is only good for the first few washes.
L'odeur woowwwww J'adore ce que ce shampoing sent. Je suis une fan de tout ce qui sent le coconut.
I did not think that this shampoo worked that great. My hair did not come out anywhere near as healthy and soft as I thought it would.
This did wonders for my hair! It made it soft, manageable, and it smelled amazing.
Amazing smell, Work great! All the shampoos by them are great! Just wish It was bigger format with a pump for ease of dispensing with in the shower!

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