4.7 5 0 34 34 From spinderella to namastayin’ in bed, help recover strands with our fitness-inspired Green Tea Fitness Conditioner. Infused with rich in antioxidant green tea and refreshing lotus, this active fitness conditioner will help keep your hair feeling, looking, and smelling fresh while adding a healthy-looking shine, no sweat!
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Lovely hair
My hair felt wonderful after using this conditioner. I like the name and the smell of this. It left my hair silky and shiny super clean. I have no bad comments about this product.
Amazing shampoo
This is really good shampoo leaves my hair shiney and very soft. Dont need a lot of product for it to lather, I have thick hair and a bottle of this lasted me a month. Love the smell of it as well.
Smell like Green Apples instead of Green Tea
The first sniff of the shampoo I was surprised to it smelling more like Green Apple than Green Tea but still liked the smell. It foamed well when I used it on my hair during a shower and afterwards it left my hair feeling smooth and fresh!
Great product
Leaves the hair feeling silky and smooth would highly recommend to anyone
Great shampoo
Nice clean feeling. Hair feels refreshed with volume!
Such great shampoo
Love this shampoo! Most other ones ruin my hair, but this shampoo is one of the ones that I love to use the most.
Great Shampoo
I love this shampoo because it delivers on its promise to moisturize. Your scalp will feel a bit of a tingle and it will not make your hair look limp. It is worth the price and is easy to find in stores.
Hot Mess
This shampoo leaves my hair dry and in tangles !!! Eeeeekkkkk
Love this product I will keep using this a long time love the way makes my hair silky soft and manageable smells great as well so I`m impressed.
Good product
We have hard water and it lathered up great. Love the smell. Wasn't overpowering. Didn't dry my hair and left it feeling soft. With small hands, bottle was difficult for me to manage.
Hair product
Great product. Lathers well, smells great, and left hair feeling silky.
green tea shampoo
Works well, my scalp felt tingly clean and great fresh smell
Love all OGX
Cleans hair great, amazing smell and it feels like it is working on like other shampoos
It’s all in the bottle!
This product really stands for what it says! It does the job decently. Leaves hair soft, smooth and smelling nice!
Such a fresh feeling
It really stands up to there name it’s really soft on hair and has a relaxing feel and smell to it

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