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O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand Cream
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use it every night
I work at a bakery so I've been washing my hands constantly. My coworker recommended me this hand cream so I decided to give it a try. I use it every night but thought it's a bit overrated. It doesn't do magic, just a very normal hand cream. My hands still feel dry in the daytime.
It works
I enjoy this but only use a bit. Otherwise very greasy feeling
I used to work in a kitchen and using hot water + detergent for at least 1 hour per day. My hands were always terrible... Working hands are amazing to heal the cracks and keep my skin hydrated, no sticky and no scent.
Just okay
I had high expectations for this hand cream. However, it didn't live to my expectations. After using it for several days, my hands still felt dry. The only pro is that it is absorbent so my hands were not sticky or shiny. It is absorbent but not moiturizing.
Unbelievable Relief!
I have sensitive skin that often gets very irritated and dry in the winter. My skin usually cracks and bleeds in the winter. This product has completely stopped that. I just put some on before bed and it stops damage in its tracks. I wake up to lovely, soft, hydrated hands! It is a bit on the heavy side, but perfect for applying at night.
This stuff is so great for crazy dry cracking hands! My hubby is a construction worker and he loves this brand! It’s so moisturizing. And helps heal cracks in no time! And considering the price point is well worth it.
This is a really great product if you're working where your hands get dry and wet and dirty and dry again. I worked at Home Depot and never had a shift where I didn't use this because it was so so needed. Hands were fine in winter and summer. Definite 5/5 highly recommend.
not greasy
my husband has really dry cracked hands and this works so good at the end of the night. doesnt leave weird greasy feeling
Help for hands
If your hands are in water, cleaners, shampoos...you need this stuff. I used to get such dry hands they would randomly crack and bleed. I started using Working Hands hand cream and my hands are so much better. You only need a bit and you really don't need to reapply it more then a couple of times during the day (i'm not very compliant). It has no smell and according to the ingredient list it's fairly innocent. If you think you've tried everything and you still have dry and painful cracked hands give this product a try.
Fantastic Product!
I have used this product for awhile now. Cannot say enough about it. I was a truck driver years ago and this product would have been a Godsend. I found this product stands up to the cold and wet conditions. When you wash your hands a lot in cold wet conditions, they crack and bleed. Very painful, This product heals and protects. I always carry some in my purse, car and in the bathroom. The proof is in the pudding!!
cream of all creams
this is so good, I recommend it works wonders. It never lets you down, if you don't own it go buy it.
I absolutely love this hand cream. I would recommend this to everybody, including those who suffer with dry, cracked hands.
My husband swears by this cream. His hands were dry and cracked. This worked better than the cream his doctor prescribed.
My husband works construction and we have a farm. I bought this because both of us suffer from very dry hands. I was shocked at how good it works. But just use a little bit because too much and your hands will feel greasy. It's a regular around here now.
Best on the market! My skin gets so dry it cracks and sometimes splits. So painful! Working Hands is amazing. It keeps my skin soft and moisturized. No more splits.

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