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O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand Cream
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After a shift of washing my hands all day, I found my skin was cracking and no amount of moisturizer seemed to heal them. My friend's mom gave me some O'Keeffe's and it cleared up my hands in one night. I now have my sister hooked as well.
It's not just for "working hands". I use this lotion all the time for my plaque psoriasis on my hands, and it works great!
Bought for my son the chef but I use it as often as he does especially after a long day of baking for the week. Leaves our hands soft and smooth
I have tried this product. I find to be heavy and greasy.
I purchased for the guys at work and they actually like it. Their hands are often dry and the skin splits at the tip of their fingers. So far this seems to be helping prevent this.
Best cream for dry cracked hands! The commercials are 100% accurate with what this stuff does! My boyfriend and brothers use this stuff all the time!
I have extremely dry skin and this just works! It feels like a silicone glove on my hand, absorbs great into the skin. Would not mind some light scent to it.
I bought this hand cream a few months ago, my hands were dry and cracked from over washing constantly, I found this at a Giant Tiger discount store which surprised me, it was not expensive at all, you only need a small dobble on your hand as it absorbs quickly and over use may make your hands feel sticky and uncomfortable, I still use the same tube, it goes a long way. I recomend this product, I love it !!
Best cream ever! Turns my sandpaper hands into baby soft skin!!
Haven't tried the hand cream in a tube but I use the hard round container of OKeeffe's Working Hands all the time. I use it many times throughout the day. My hands would be so dry and cracked without it. My hands go from working with cardboard to being really cold in a freezer at work and before OKeeffe's they use to crack and sometimes bleed. Not anymore, my hands have healthy smooth skin.
This stuff worked great for me. I have to wash my hands a lot at work, which often leads to my hands becoming extremely dry and cracked. This cream helped my add moisture back into my hands and the cracks healed very quickly.
I try it and it works on very dry hands they are soft in about a week
An amazing cream for very dry skin! I have tried this cream and use it all the time, especially over the winter. Doesn't leave a greasy feeling. This product is also available for cracked heals which I have also tried and love.
Fastest healer for dried cracked skin. Use it all winter long.
One of the few things that work for my husband's dry, cracked hands!

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