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O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand Cream
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tried this product love it my son use it all the time
I work as a nurse and am constantly washing my hands with alcohol hand sanitizer. It is very drying to hands. O'KEEFE'S working hand cream works very well. You only need a small amount. I recommend it to people with severely dry hands.
It works as well as the product label says. I worked in a school so I washed my hands often. I would get cracks on my fingers, especially in the winter and spring months. I love being barefoot in the summer into fall as much as I can but had to deal with cracks on my heels and big toe. Not anymore. The label says that if your hands or feet feel greasy after using the product = you're using too much! I have recommended this product to family for their dry, cracked skin issues.
this is such a great product...makes hands super soft , especially after gardening or working outdoors. Buy some every Christmas as stocking stuffers for working guys and gals in my family. works also very well on elbows!!!
My husband loves this hand cream. It helped heal the cracked skin on his hands that no other product he tried could do. He even uses their foot cream as well.
This is an amazing product. My 64 year old hands are smoother and younger looking because of it.
I have extremely dry hands and this works wonders. I highly recommend it
Great for extremely dry and cracking hands. No greasy feeling. Keeps hands moist while working outdoors. My husband and son use it and love it.
My husband loves this for his hands! He bought me the stuff to try on my feet and I love it too!
I found it a bit greasy because my hands are not that dry and cracked but I know it works great for my mom who has very dry hands and gets cracks in them.
Excellent product. With gardening and hard water my hands take a real beating. This product saves my day. Also, there foot cream is excellent. Five Stars *****
I was working on a farm and my hands were so dried out that they were constantly splitting open and bleeding. Very painful. I was given some of this cream and my hands quickly healed up and I had no more issues with them splitting as long as I kept this cream with me :) I would definitely recommend this to any one who suffers from dry hands!
I have tried a lot of different products before and never had any results as well as okeefes working hands!! I use it as well as my husband and our hands are no longer ruff, cracked and dry! Our hands are so soft no more cracks for him!' I also use the cracked heels products and it is amazing!!!
This cream works so well with my skin. From hands to my feet goes on quickly.nice lather and happy about how long it slowly absorbed into my skin.
I love that cream. It's a life saver. I have to wash my hand so often that they end up cracking up and it even bleed. I just put as often as i can for 36 hours and my hand a back to normal.

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