3.9 5 0 13 13 Facial moisturizer provides 24 hours of intense, age defying hydration for dry skin
Olay Age Defying ADVANCED Gel Cream Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid for Dry Skin
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Feels nice
This product is quite nice but I don’t find the retinol made any difference at all.
How old do you think I am?
I love my Olay been using different products for years.like this one it goes on clean and feels good.no overbearing smell and my skin felt moist ,fresh.yes I would use it again .but with all skin products I have to ask is it worth the money ?is it something I,d buy on a regular basis?maybe just to treat myself now and then yes.
Great product. I use it religiously. I recommend it to my friends and family. They all love it. I’m getting up in age so this is making me feel younger.
I love this product! Would recommend to friends and family.
This is such a great cream. I use it religiously and so do members of my family and my friends. Easy to use and apply and inexpensive with very appealing packaging and I highly recommend this product.
I have tried this and although quite thick going on within a few minutes my skinned absorbed it and didn't feel clammy at all. The scent of it isn't the best but then again I cannot tolerate citrus scented products so this is okay. Have always used Olay products and will continue to use it.
I love how soft my skin feels. Easy to apply makeup and lasts all day. love it.
didnt love this product found the cream balled up and rolled off my face almost like a peeling. was hoping for better results re battling dry skin
Very helpful in keeping wrinkles at bay and tightening skin on my neck
used this and found it has left my skin looking and feeling better
I have oily skin and struggle with finding a day moisturizer to wear under makeup without adding to it. Love the Olay brand so gave this gel moisturizer a try to replace my Olay serum (seems to be discontinued?!). Was really impressed about how little an amount I needed to put on and how light it was. Would definitely recommend!
this cream really makes a difference between using age defying product and between those who are not.
I loved using Olay on my skin as I have a few wrinkles and it's very helpful for decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. it dries quickly, is not greasy and feels nice when blended under makeup.
Try this fabulous hydrating face moisturizer whip lotion feel good,soft and smooth look great ravishingly fresh and feel great and young 24 hours a day You deserve it pamper yourself with this today
I love Olay products, can I get a sample of it to try.

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