3.9 5 0 12 12 Facial moisturizer provides 24 hours of intense, age defying hydration for dry skin
Olay Age Defying ADVANCED Gel Cream Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid for Dry Skin
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I haven't tried this product but would love too. I'm currently using a different age-defying cream and not happy with it. It seems to dry out my face. I would love to see how this one would work.
Haven’t tried this ... Olay products are good but would like to try before purchasing
I have not tried this product. Although I enjoy and have tried other products from the Olay, I will look for this product.
i would love to try this product. I need something for my face because it's so dry.
I have suffer from dry skin in the winter,especially with having the heater on during the cold months. Everything I have tried either irrates my skin or drys it more. Would be willing to try it out and find my winter product staple!
Olay is now the only face cream I’ll use. I haven’t tried this one but I’d like to.
Please send me this product and I will be more than happy to produce my honest review on this page. Thanks.
I have never tried this product but I would love to.
I am in my early 50's and find my skin becoming drier and in need of moisturizers more often. I would love to try this product.
I have oily skin and I am looking for a good moisturiser. that helps with it. I am willing to try this. I have not tried it. I have heard good things about this product
I suffer from dry skin and it's even worse in the winter months. I would love to try this product, all the other ones I have used in the past have left my skin feeling greasy.
I would love to try this product. I have been using Olay for years and am quite happy with them but have not tried this one. I read good reviews.
I would love to try this product, the reviews are great and I love Olay products
I would love to try this new Olay product since it has a gel base and reviews are great
I use Olay total effects moisturizer all the time.I would love to try this.

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