3.9 5 0 12 12 Facial moisturizer provides 24 hours of intense, age defying hydration for dry skin
Olay Age Defying ADVANCED Gel Cream Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid for Dry Skin
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I am having hard time to find perfect cream for my skin and I would love to try this moisturizer.
I would love to try this product. I have such difficult skin. I also need something I can wear under makeup as I need a moisturizer so I cannot just see any wrinkles in the creases.
I’ve been a Olay user since age 13 (now in my 50’s )! I have tried other products but always come back to Olay!
I would really like to try this ;as I have REALLY dry skin.
I need this product so badly! I haven't tried it yet, but I would love to try something that would help!
i have not tried this but willing to for it does not hurt to try, i love the brand name and other products so why not
I haven't tried this particular product. However I have used Olay face creams for a number of years. As i get older I am needing to change the products I've been using so this looks like it could be a good choice for me to try.
Olay products are my GO TOO products, and would LOVE to try this product
I have never received anything to try from this web site. I believe its a scam.
would love to try😊looking for a really good product for dry skin
Would love to try his product for review. I'm trying to find a good product for my skin and wrinkles
Would love the try this cream and provide a review.
I would really love to try this product it really looks like it will work great for me.
I didnt try this product yet but i am big fan of olay product
J'aimerais vraiment tester ce produit......qui semble abordable

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