3.9 5 0 12 12 Facial moisturizer provides 24 hours of intense, age defying hydration for dry skin
Olay Age Defying ADVANCED Gel Cream Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid for Dry Skin
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Would love to try this product, heard amazing reviews about it. My girlfriends have tried it.
I haven't tried this, but sure would like to. Its sounds like just the product I could use right about now. This time of year really does a number on my skin.
I have not tried, but would love to try play age defying as I am at the age where my skin is drying out for dehydration and age. Please send
I would love to try this. As i age i am always looking for ways to retain my youthful skin and prolong the wrinkles lol
Je n'est pas encore acheter ,car j'aurais aimer LESSAYER 🤗
I would totally love to try this product! I have fine lines on my face and being so young I get extremely insecure about and in hope to find something that works for my skin
Would love to try this product as my skin gets very dry in the winter time!
I love Olay products, I would like to try more of them.
Use a lot of products that are Oil of Olay, it is a trusted product in my house.... would love to try this.
I will definetly look for this onme. Love the look of the jar and their moistuizers are usually excellent.
love to try this product as soon as I received the free sample.
I did not had the opportunity to try this product yet, but I would like to have change to try it.
Oil of Olay is a trusted brand and I think this would be a great addition to my daily face routine.
I have not tried this product yet,but am defiantly going to purchase this and give it a try.
But sure would love to see what it does for my ageing skin.

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