Olay Daily Sensitive Cleansing Cloths Tub with Aloe Extract Makeup Remover

4.7 5 0 113 113 5-in-1 cleansing power of a makeup remover, scrub, toner, mask & cleanser.
Olay Daily Sensitive Cleansing Cloths Tub with Aloe Extract Makeup Remover


Daily facial wipes
I use these facial wipes every Ming after washing my face and find the wipes help to lock in the water which I like. They’re pricey though so you could use them on a less frequent basis.
Natural Glow and Soft
I decided to buy these cause it says sensitive skin and the name. I tried so many different things a no luck I always get huge blemishes. Every day kept getting better and my skin was glowing. The blemishes I had when starting were all gone within 3 days. I highly recommend trying.
Can't Live Without
I use these every single night. I can't live without these. They give you a great deep clean, without the mess. They have actually improved my skin.
Great to have at the bedside
I found these great to have on my bedside when I was young. Stay up late and when you go to bed, just roll over, grab a sheet and wipe off your make up and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Also good in the morning during the summers to wipe down your face and neck.
Parfait pour les peau sensible
Enfin des lingettes qui n'irritent pas la peau et qu'on peut avoir avec nous en tout temps. Super pratique pour se rafraichir l'été ou en vacance. La senteur est aussi très faible et fraiche. Je recommande.
Parfaite pour la peau sensible
Nettoie bien la peau sans l'irriter et laisse un bon parfum frais en plus d'une belle peau douce et toute propre. Pratique surtout en vacance!
Great On Sensitive Skin
I came across these wipes after having a reaction and burning in my eye area to another brand. These ones were much gentler on my skin and didn't burn my eye area. Thank you Olay, I keep these stocked all the time now.
Super product
Love these wipes as they are gentle on the face and smell great. So good to use at the end of the day to cleanse my face and neck. It does a great job of removing make up off my face. I do recommend it.
Love this product
I love this product! One side of the cloth cleanses and the other exfoliates. Quick, easy, no fuss no muss. There's no strong scent either which is always a plus for me.
They work, and well
If it wasn't for the price, I would definitely get these more often. I usually buy another cheaper brand at Costco but when I was in between trips, I picked up one of these. These really work well and definitely feel like a daily facial, if only the price was a little bit cheaper I would get them way more often!
Use these Olay Daily Facials every day!
Love the Olay Daily Facials - especially the aloe one for sensitive skin. Easy on your skin and eye area for removing makeup. Have been using daily facials from Olay for years!
Fresh and clean
I have tried makeup wipes before and never found them to be super cleansing but this is a whole new experience. I love that they are dry and you add water to them. The fact that they have the perfect amount of product to gently cleanse the face is amazing and its such a relaxing and lovely scent it just makes you feel fresh and clean and ready to go with makeup or no makeup. I also love that each side has a different texture. Almost like a scrubbier texture on one side and a soft fluffy texture on the other. There are enough in the package to last a month if using every single day, which is great for value but its also great that they come in a hard container so they are protected from getting dirty or wet by accident. I really recommend these Olay Daily Facial wipes.
I love all kinds of the daily facials
So fresh and clean, bit pricey. I love how the cloths are sturdy and I get a bit of use in the shower of soapy goodness. Great fragrances too, would recommend this product!!!!!
Feels great on skin
I love this make up wipe, the tub that closes makes it easier to keep the wipes moist. Works great removes all my makeup.
face wipes
This product was great. I find it made my face and make clean and came off very easy. Will buy this

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