4.5 5 0 180 180 Olay Luminous Whip delivers lasting radiance without the shine.
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I use this daily after I wash my fce . It doesnt give me breakouts and does the job . Its very inexpensive , i will stay with this forever
Really Nice Cream
I have extremely sensitive skin. Everything I’ve tried has made me break out. I’m 59 & menopausal but it’s not that. It’s been a lifetime problem. I really like this cream because it’s light & doesn’t clog my pores or feel greasy. I did, however, find that using it as instructed was too often for me. I started to break out. It’s good if I use it once every 2 days.
J'ai adoré!
J'ai vraiment adoré cette crème , elle dure toute la journée et facile d'application!
Goes on smooth
Tried this product and it’s ok. It’s not as light as I would have expected but does leave your skin feeling soft.
so light
this is so light a fluffy, and super moisturizing i love love this product. It does not leave me feeling greasy either.
Good, but not great
I tried a sample of this product from Walmart and thought it was pretty good so bought some. Honestly, it does the job of moisturizing, but after about a month of using it I don't notice any difference in my skin. I've used much cheaper products that produce the same or better results (Eucerin is less than half the price at about $15 per bottle and does wonders for my skin).
I got this as a sample. Very lightweight and feels so nice when you apply it.
Olay products are wonderful. I really enjoyed this product as well. It is very moisturizing. I look forward to buying this again.
I love this moisturizer. It is not greasy and absorbs well but leaves my face feeling well moisturized. Good
Great texture, smooth application. It soaks into skin quickly and doesn't leave your face feeling greasy, like so many others. I definitely recommend it!
I recently tested this product and have to say "well done Olay!" This product is very light and easily is absorbed into the skin. It left my skin feeling hydrated but not greasy. It is a little more expensive (arount $40) but I think that it is worth it.
olay is a product that i have used for many many years it s just great i recommend it to friends all the time.
J'adore sa texture légère , non grasse. Elle hydrate bien et laisse la peau douce
J’adore cette petite mousse, rapide, simple et tres efficace!
This product reminded me of my smash box primer. It is not a good moisturizer but maybe a good primer? Made my dry skin hurt more because of the ingredients but it did leave it silky smooth. Mixed emotions in this review.

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