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For the family
they where already the only taco products I would buy. The only problem was the kids found them too hot. With this new milder taste my kids are happy and asking for tacos all the time
Best taco kit going...plus the soft taco are the best also.
OLD EL PASO® HARD TACO DINNER KIT its really delicious really easy how to make my kids favorite Taco
This is a great kit for an outside si,mer fun dinner they taste great all ages love tacos not expensive just out and out good
i host taco tuesday every tuesday and old el paso is my to go for taco shells, they are super crunchy and hold up great when filled
Really flavourful, but not spicy, would definitely purchase!
Love the fact every thing is included. All I need is meat. Great to always have in my cupboard.
We love this in our house! It's fast and easy to make, and it's always a hit. My youngest child doesn't like anything too spicy, so the extra mild kit is perfect!
I usually buy the spicy �� variety but this was good for those who prefer less spice. For family members who prefer to have their tacos spicy, they can always add my homemade ghost pepper sauce. I never eat tacos outside my home anymore. I only buy Old El Paso and make my own at home.They taste better than the fast food tacos.
Had some coupons so picked up a few boxes. Very convenient and easy dinner with the sauce and seasoning included. Everybody liked them and have bought many more since. Good value and a pantry staple now.
I love these kits ,I buy them all the time,they,re easy to make and my family loves them
we love all the old el paso kits. they are always on sale somewhere and make a quick, filling dinner for those nights tight on time. we usually get the beef ready over the weekend so even shorter prep time after work!!
Purchased this kit for the first time and it was delicious - will definetly become a new menu item.
Prefer soft tacos but the Extra Mild Super Tasty Hard Tacos are super amazing!! Absolutely love the sour cream mix. In all my thirty some years I HAVE NEVER had sour cream. I tried the mix with sour cream on my tacos and am a sour cream eater and lover.
We eat these once every couple weeks. Nice easy supper that tastes sooo good! Directions are simple to follow :)

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