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great when on sale
got this on sale for under $2/bottle, wouldn't spend more tho
My boyfriend uses this all the time and it smells amazing. But that's not the best part about this shampoo, it works wonder. Due to my bf working on the railroad he gets grease and oil in his hair and once he uses this his hair is soft and delicious smelling.
mon homme l'aime beaucoup! il mousse bien, sent bon et ne laisse pas de pellicule sur les cheveux.
Great smell not such an old man scent and really helps keep the body oder under control with a long manual labor work day.
In the interest of full disclosure I purchased several of these Old Spice Pure Sport shampoo and the hair and body variety for my Dad who is the most loyal Old Spice user I have ever known. He has used Old Spice for more than 50 years and swears by it. And so it's on his authority that I recommend this product and give it a 5 star rating. He says it keeps him smelling good all day and helps control those "manly" smells that escape while he is toiling away in his shop. Old Spice has updated to trendier fragrances to tap into the young market. My 25 year old son likes the newer scents. Ladies your men, young and old alike, will love this line of products. Old Spice is shedding the image of only making products for old men; I think the tide is shifting.
I bought this for my son. It's one of the few scented brands that doesn't aggravate his eczema. He loves it.
It leaves a strong scent in their hair. I wont buy it again because I have a few very scent sensitive friends. If you dont have people who are scent sensitive in your life this is a great shampoo. I love the smell and its good quality.
I didn't try this myself but purchased some for my husband. I too love the smell of old spice. Brings back great memories from my grandfather. Great product, awesome scent, very good value for the money!
Bought this for my husband - he likes it and I really like the smell. My hubby works in renovations and this kept him smelling nicer than usual! :)
Mon conjoint adore surtout en camping c'est genial ! Mais laisse un impression de crème graisseuse sur la peux ..
Mon conjoint adore ce produit d'autant qu'il est un adepte des produits Old Spice
Il fonctionne bien, mais je n'ai pas vraiment aimé l'odeur.
mon conjoint aime bien ce produit pratique a trainer dans son sac de sport...2 dans 1 rien de mieux
Les deux hommes de ma vie en traînent toujours dans leur sac de sports.
Bought this for my son & he says that his hair feels great after using. i also love the smell it leaves in the bathroom after he uses it in the shower!

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