Olivieri White Wine Fresh Sauce

0 5 0 15 35 Made with a blend of crisp white wine, cream and mushrooms
Olivieri White Wine Fresh Sauce


love this when i make chicken and mushrooms.
I liked this sauce and found it to be similar to homemade white wine cream sauce. It is a great compliment to shrimp, white fish, asparagus, etc. My husband who likes a lot of salt complained about the flavour: not savoury enough, not salty enough, and he didn`t like the wine flavour in it. I liked it quite a bit but found the pouch size to be rather small. I probably wouldn`t buy it again since I know how to make this sauce, and there just isn`t enough in the pouch to make a family meal.
There is just not enough taste to this sauce. It really is lacking in the flavour department.
I received this product free with the purchase of chicken at my local grocery store. The taste was not something my husband or I enjoyed.
Got a free one at Sobeys for buying chicken. Tastes great and they also make yummy other flavors like peppercorn
Sounds like something I`d like, but would the kids like this taste??
I haven`t tried this, but it sound pretty good.
This is another one that I want to try, looks like one that you could add chicken to, serve over pasta. yum yum.
Have not tried but I use a lot of different seasonings and sauces and would use it.
Might try this. I`m not that big of a fan of mushrooms though so if the packaging lists mushrooms early on in the ingredients list I would be unlikely to pick this up.
I am really looking forward to trying this flavour. I tried the butter chicken one and it was really good.
This sauce tastes like it was made from scratch. Great portion size as well so no waste when making it for my husband and I.
What a beautiful classic flavour combination. This is great option especially when you may not have bottle of wine on hand to make sauce with. I use white wine sauce with mushrooms and Fettucini.
Would love to try this!! Seems like it would be great on Chicken or Pasta! Haven`t seen it yet, but will definitely look for it!!!
This is great. Easy to use and you can add it to a few different recipes. Loved it.

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