Origins GinZing™ Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer

4.6 5 0 85 85 An oil-free, energy-boosting gel moisturizer formulated to help wake up dull, tired & lackluster skin with 72-hour hydration. Delivers 72-hours of oil-free hydration as it helps lock in & maintain lasting, healthy moisture.
Origins GinZing™ Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer


This gel cream smell really good. Its great for the summer time, soothing and quick-absorbing. I haven’t noticed too much a brightening effect, but it’s surprisingly moisturizing consider it’s a gel texture.
Quality is great, but not for the price
If you're willing to splurge a little, I highly recommend this moisturizer! I have extremely dry skin and this hydrates it well. My skin is also quite sensitive but the slight citrus fragrance was not irritating at all, rather refreshing! The only downside is the price--I have tried equally good moisturizers for significantly cheaper (e.g. CeraVe). Otherwise, I love it. :)
Smells great. Absorbs quickly. Works well to help with the under eye puffiness. Great moisturizer to use under makeup!
Very nice smooth texture non greasy slight aroma good product
Great for Combination Skin
This is my go-to daily moisturizer. I have combination skin, and this moisturizer is light-weight and leaves my skin hydrated. My only concern is sometimes when my skin goes through dry patches, this product can pill and be flakey.
Favorite Origins Moisturizer
First, it smells amazing! But it's not overpowering. I love anything fresh, citrusy smelling. Super hydrating but not greasy or pore-clogging. I have repurchased this so many times and would definitely recommend. I have combination-oily-sensitive-acne-prone skin
Keeps my combo skin moisturized!
I have combo/acne prone skin and this moisturizer keeps the oil at bay and moisturizers dryness. The gel consistency feels especially nice in the summer or after a hot shower. Lewinsky I don't mind the orange scent
Love it!
It's so hydrating. I have a combination skin but this works really well. Keeps my skin moisture and fresh!
Light weight
I love that this moisturizer is light weight and oil free it just absorbs into my skin and gives me an even complexion and glow. The scent is refreshing which i also love3
Smells so good
I Tried this product and it's great!. The smell is so good and my skin feels hydrated after. It price is prefect. I would repurchase next time I need a moisturizer.
This is so hydrating! Has a great scent, light weight! Dries quickly with no greasy after feel! Love it!
Good Moisturizer
My skin is normal, so I don't find this making a huge difference. I normally use oil free feel moisturizers because they are more suitable for my skin type. I must say though, that the formula is good because I can tell my skin is happy from it. There are other moisturizers out there that I think plump up my skin more but this is high up there too!
Applying this creme really shortened up the healing time of my coldsore. Works really well.
One of the best gel moisturizers in the market
Great for my combination skin. Long-lasting moisture and a lovely scent.
Absolutely love the brand! I have tried multiple of their products and love the natural feel and the quality of the ingredients. I'm allergic to most mainstreamproducts like Dove, Nivea etc, but this one surprisingly did not make me react! Big thumbs up from me!

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