4.5 5 0 31 31 An oil-free, energy-boosting gel moisturizer formulated to help wake up dull, tired & lackluster skin with 72-hour hydration. Delivers 72-hours of oil-free hydration as it helps lock in & maintain lasting, healthy moisture.
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Origins is probably one of my favourite skin care brands
They use natural products and their stuff actually works!
Love all Origins products
This smells so amazing! I use this in the morning and it just energizes me and makes me feel good. Makes applying my makeup so much easier. Gives me a radiant look. Totally recommend.
Great skin revitalization.
This product glides on my skin and makes it feel so soft and refreshed. I
My fave moisturizer right now
I absolutely love this moisturizer. The satsuma-ginger scent is life changing - literally awakening my senses & giving me that Zing! we all can use (and I desperately need!) in order to embrace the grind before us & go & get the things that need doing, done! As someone with a serious overheating, and consequently, perspiration problem - like sweating profusely for two hours after a tepid & slightly lukewarm shower, or 24/7 all season long in the summer, I’ve learned over time that it’s my moisturizer that gets the cut. The reason? It’s the last item to be put on my face for its ability to seal all the previously applied layers into my creamy skin. But since discovering this brand and In particular this product two years ago, I no longer have to worry that my skin is consistently exposed to harsh elements ironically enough so it can breathe and climatize! Origins also makes an eye cream/gel under the same formula that also embodies the scent that awakens your senses! Highly recommend!
I love the light scent and light cream, great for daytime
tres bonne creme hydratante, naturelle et sent tres bon, je recommande
Leaves my skin silky
Let’s just say I put the lotion on the skin, no need to get the hose again
Zesty effect
This gel is invigorating yet gentle. A pleasant and uplifting fragrance embraces your olfactory senses as the gel goes to work. This is the gel you deserve after a hard day’s work!
Love this product. I have sensitive skin and was scared to us something new. Tired it and this cream was amazing no break outs. Skin felt soft and It had a refreshing smell.
Eye Cream
I’ve spent a lot of time looking for an eye cream that is gentle on the skin. I can tell you, this product works! I’ve recommended it to many of my friends. It can be on the pricey side but the canister lasts a long time so it’s not bad. I will keep buying this!
Great moisturizer for the summer
Love this product for the summer. Doesn't make my skin too oily, but yet, just enough so it doesn't get too dried. Would love it more, if squeeze bottle, easier to dispense.
AMAZING Scent and moisturizer
I got this initially as a sample and loved it so much I purchased it and switched to this moisturizer. The scent is beautiful and it’s very citrusy, which is great for waking up in the morning! It also moisturizes beautiful and is not greasy at all. I love that I can wear it underneath my makeup and have it not affect my makeup wear at all. Since using this my skin has been extra glowy and very hydrated. I will continue to use this and recommend it most to people with normal to combination/oily skin. I love how light it is most and is by far one of my favourite moisturizers I’ve tried!
Works well for puffy eyes
Ive been using this under my eyes for a few months and have noticed a huge decrease in under eye puffiness! I can see the difference on mornings where u forget to apply the cream,but overall it has actually reduced the regular level of puffiness. Absorbs well and fast into my combination skin, allowing makeup to be applied right away.
Mixed review
I have oily skin with some dry patches. I bought the trial set for this product line which included eye cream and face moisturizer. I found that depending on the weather, some days it suited my skin and some days it did not. However, my husband who has overall oily siin, loves it. It works very well for him.
Really wanted to love it.
I purchased this after reading some reviews. I have sentive skin and can’t use heavy moisturizers. This did nothing to hydrate my skin at all. I think it would be best suited for teens.

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