4.5 5 0 43 43 An oil-free, energy-boosting gel moisturizer formulated to help wake up dull, tired & lackluster skin with 72-hour hydration. Delivers 72-hours of oil-free hydration as it helps lock in & maintain lasting, healthy moisture.
Origins GinZing™ Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer
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Super refreshing
I love this product so much! It absorbs super fast and smells amazing! It is good for all skin types, I especially love to use it in the summer.
My morning routine
This oil free moisturizer works great for my combination skin. I have been using it for a year now and notice a difference in the amount if acne
Good moisturizer for oily skin
I really like using Origins products and this one was no exception. I am not a huge fan of gel moisturizers and have dry skin so I felt like I was using a lot to get the hydration I needed. I think this would work best for oily skin. The smell is great and origins does well for the skin!
Best thing you can do for oily skin
My husband breaks out daily and has sensitive skin. So it's difficult for him to find an oil free, non scented moisturizer. When I got the sample of the product through Sephora I let him use it for about 3 days and he's skin was doing great and purchased the full product. He's still using the product morning and night and loving it ever since!
Pretty much all Origins products are amazing. I use a lot of it. This is the moisturizer I am currently using. It smells so nice, glides on easily, dries fast and keeps my skin hydrated and looking bright all day.
Thumbs up
I have purchased this many times in the past. It is very light weight and moisturizes well but in the winter months I need something more moisturizing. It is a great product and I would recommend this.
Loved it
It smells divine! Every time I apply this moisturizer I get so many compliments. It smells great and makes my skin look fresh.
I tried a sample of this. While it smells great and work good, it's not my absolute favorite
Best moisturizer ever
I have recently bought the travel size from Sephora. I LOVE it. I have dry skin in the morning. This has helped me a lot. It’s great for acne prone skin. It doesn’t make my skin breakout. I will buy this product again!
Jai beaucoup ce produit, laisse la peau bien hydratée et une sensation de fraîcheur.
Nice and light moisturizer, not greasy or too heavy. I liked how fresh it made my skin feel in morning
Wakes my skin up in the mornings.
This is a fantastic moisturizer to use when your skin needs a bit of a pick me up! I like to put it on in the mornings- it makes me feel like my day has started off fresh. Calgary's dry weather can be really unforgiving to your skin, especially in winter. This moisturizer keeps my skin dewey and bright. It's very light, has a great texture and absorbs quickly. A bit pricey but does a great job. As a bonus, it has vitamin c that helps brighten my skin.
Good moisturizer
Good face lotion. Smells very good and refreshing in the morning. Was hydrating, but for me personally wasn't enough. Would recommend to friends
Citrus Wake up
There are pro's and cons to this moisturizer. The pros are that as soon as you open it up it's flips a switch on your endorphins and automatically makes you feel more awake. You can also put it in the fridge for an extra kick. The only con i have with this is that it's a little pricey and i feel like i could find a drugstore brand for a fraction of the price that does the same job. Overall though, the deluxe sample size i received of this product did the job and you don't need much so it lasts quite a while.
🍊 une odeur magnifique
Ce produit est du pure bonheur, rafraîchissant, une magnifique odeur d’orange, notre peau ressent la fraîcheur et l’hydratation toute la nuit Je suis à mon troisième contenants

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